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Index – Culture – A Hungarian film that presents our present with absurd humor becomes the winner of the Fresh Meat Award

Borbála Nagy, Praise of Pannonia, became the best live Hungarian short film at the Fresh Meat Budapest International Short Film Festival. According to the jury of the competition, which takes place between May 27 and June 2, the film will be shown

It presents our present in which we live in an absurdly sophisticated sense of humor. The language of his film is clear, but at the same time it gives way to a great acting performance.

The best Hungarian animated film was Réka Anna Szakály, Reduction. In his inference, the jury highlighted the haunting atmosphere of the apocalypse, a special and unique pictorial world without words.

The Nándor Lovas Award, named after the deceased young producer, was won by Réka Horváth’s film design, Balagán. The judges justified:

The flawless presentation with a sensual and lively high concept film design. In keeping with her comedic background, the pitch was fun and high quality, which is what the (small) Hungarian film needs so much now.

The Audience Award in the Gay Section went to Andela Myrtle’s Mint a haiku; Das Spell won the International Documentary category, and the short film “The Best Orchestra in the World” won the international competition programme.

The Best International Short Film award went to The Criminals (Director: Serhat Karaslan): The film, which also visited Sundance, tells the story of a tragically successful love-fly for a young couple, setting a harsh mirror for Turkish society.

A special award went to the Canadian-Hungarian co-production of the animated film Hide, Daniel Gray and Greek Mila (Director: Andreas Vakalios), which reveals deep and hidden feelings between a father and daughter.

Dénes Ujlaki and Gergely Váradi received the Best Actor Award for their portrayal of The Tranquil District. The best actress was Zsófia Bódi (Klaramama Snack).

The members of the jury who evaluate the Hungarian competition program are Slovenian-Czech director Olmo Umerzo, run out Puri was a singer, actor, and film director, Gabor Rich. The international program was decided by Igor Brasil, artistic director of Animateka, producer Ugrin Julianna and film director Fanni Szilágyi.

The winning short films can still be watched for some time: on Monday, June 7, the praises of the Pannonia Grand Prix winner will be shown on the Town Hall Square in Budapest, and on Tuesday all the award-winning films will be shown. checked there. Tickets for the shows can only be purchased online. Starting June 11, the best selection, which also includes award-winning films, as well as Queer Dreams films, will be available to watch on Cinego for two weeks.