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Index – Culture – A small statue in memory of the shoes of Uzhhorod was erected

2021.05.03. 18:36

A statuette in memory of Laszlo Bode “shoes” has been inaugurated in his hometown, MTI announced. The former squad leader, Republic will now be celebrating his 56th birthday.

The singer of the very popular band was born in Transcarpathia in Uzhhorod and lived in Kisjik near the county seat only until the age of one.

He always loved his homeland, as he would often visit his relatives as a child

Said Marika Bodie, the sister of the singer, invited by the organizers at the opening ceremony.

The statue is erected between two guitar-shaped seats. Until the unveiling of the work, the work was covered in stylistic fashion with shoes. The statue was made by Mikhail Kolodko.

This is work No. 46 in Uzhgorod. A large portion of the statues, which are becoming more and more popular among tourists, have a Hungarian dimension.

The establishment of the work, the arrangement of the surrounding areas, and its financing were initiated and funded by the non-governmental organization Armada Karpat, which consists mainly of young people of Ukrainian nationality. One of the main directions of their activity is to care for the memory of celebrities of Transcarpathian origin, regardless of their nationality and place of their creation.

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