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Index – Culture – Academy Award winner Ferenc Ruffoch prepares for Hell

Before the discussion, György Lukácsy, Director of the Hungarian Motion Picture Festival, said the network of university film clubs supported by the National Film Institute now operates in 25 locations, from Csíksomlyó to Sopron. Before the festival it was already known that Dorothea Odvaros, Peter Hossty and Ferenc Rufus Lifetime Achievement Award Obtains.

The talk was organized in Visprem as a program for this year’s film festival With Ferenc Rovoz. The world-famous Hungarian cartoonist, who received an Oscar in 1981 as an employee of the Pannonia Film Studio the fly About the background of his animated film, he spoke briefly about how he became an animated film director, thanks to which he was able to make his style world famous and then pioneered in all respects.

Today, he mentions with a smile that the Academy Award has been snatched away by a cinematic companion loaned to Los Angeles.

Some of his early work was also shown during the Conversation, so it was born from the idea of ​​Joseph Knip, stone The first self-animated cartoon. Much later, the director himself was surprised that this is perhaps the only film in which the protagonist does not die. However, he mainly considers himself a cheerful and loving person.

the fly He made it after winning an Oscar Impasse Animation by one of the Doors teams. Here, the protagonist is already executed, as we see with his own eyes the events and the fly on his shoe before the air strike. Because someone orders shooting in Russian. The film won two awards at Western European Film Festivals, then the film was declared at home as anti-regime and promptly banned by the Film Factory’s censors, only recently being found its only surviving copy.

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Forbidden red apple

I predicted during the conversation a gravity 1984. In the movie, an apple tree comes alive with shriveled fruit in the human face and a young, healthy apple that wants to get rid of the tree at any cost. In the end he succeeded, crashed, then hit the ground and exploded into shrapnel.

Roussos recounted that, unlike pale, colorless apples, the protagonist would originally have had a smoldering red color. The management of the studio, of course, completely prohibited the use of the Crimson movement. In fact, neither yellow nor green is supported.

Roussos recounted that he dreamed of a cartoon all night even after the Oscars, so he tried his luck in the West. For the Germans, he could even work with a work permit for musicians abroad, although he never played any instrument. The next stop in his career was the largest Canadian animation studio, where he encountered how much they didn’t know about cartoons here in Europe at the time, which was already an overseas establishment. He later established an independent studio and had several assignments in the United States as well as Canada.

His sons still work abroad, and he himself returned to Hungary in the early 2000s, and in 2019 Leonardo da Vinci Last Supper Based on his masterpiece. The idea of ​​moving Christ and the disciples depicted in a genius fresco arose in him forty years ago, but due to the biblical content, he did not have a chance to achieve this at that time. And today he thinks, thank God, because he caught him after that the fly With today’s technical means, he was able to carry out his most cherished plan over four decades.

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eleven bush

Since then, he has produced another movie, drawn with background animation technology a ticket gave an address. The story accompanies the hero’s eyes through human life from the place of birth to the coffin.

He did not find a sponsor for this production, and even the funeral company found him extremely pessimistic.

More recently, Hieronymus Bosch beauty garden He provided a two-minute animation of Wings of Hell in a tricolor palette, as a prelude to a planned eight-minute film.

This film, which was also shown in Veszprem, was drawn at the Bosch Museum of Fine Artsin the exhibition It can also be seen. Laszlo Ban, director general of the museum, hit him as soon as he learned of its existence.

The pictures of Bosch almost scream after the animation, says Ferenc Rufus, who says this job will be more difficult than it is now. at the last supper Face.

(Cover image: Ferenc Rófusz. Photo: Gyula Czimbal/MTI)