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Index – Culture – According to Father Taiby, brainwashing works perfectly

Zolt’s spades threw the ball high, and the good father shot it. True, to a different track, but in the same race.

Father Tepe’s quarrel with Idina Kolksar and her husband has been going on for a year. According to the recent developments of the court guilty Matte Toth, who voiced his opinion behind the father Tippi brand, because he considered that Idina Kolksar is not a public figure, so people cannot express her mood or her family.

However, the story is not so simple, as Edina Kolksar claims to be a public figure.

Matte Toth appealed the ruling. With it the index Set up an interviewHe explained that he was involved in the case because, according to him, it was not Edina Kolksar who wanted to talk about a new phenomenon through their example: the inclusion of children and the emergence of relevant ads.

Idina Kolksar put The fact that they make sure that children do not appear often is not made public to them, and over time, as the children get older, they talk to them about it. Plus, Edina has followed many even when she wasn’t a mother yet, and her profile is all about honesty, which includes raising two kids. He listed these arguments on Zsolt Osváth’s YouTube channel, among others, ten months ago.

The threads of the current story go back to Zsolt Osváth Another chat partner It was Gaspar Evelyn. That’s why there were so many questions about how Evelyn sees today: Was it a good thing as a child that she did not have a private life thanks to the Victory Show. The goal of the answer is that the media role took a lot from him, but he deals with shocks and in return he got a lot of things that he would not have experienced otherwise.

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Now Father Tibi responded to this video. He sat in front of the screen, holding the keyboard because he could parallel the story with what he described as a problem.

He began his writing by stating that while standard views also support the viewers’ need for a victory show, supply and demand do not legitimize everything. He cited as an example that if a child under the age of 18 went to a tattoo parlor, he would be sent in good condition because tattooing is a life-long decision and should not be made under a certain age. Shares the same opinion from the media coverage.

In his blog, he did not criticize the Gáspár family, but criticized the fact that there was no one in public life at the time, in the staff or in child protection authorities, who would resent the participation of two permanent children on the show with lifelong consequences.

When Evelin talks about her slowly being drawn to things more than people who, after all these years, insult her role in public life, she reveals her emotional emptiness, as she draws herself from the ever-crowded crowd around her.

The Tayyibi father who poses this matter in parallel with Edina Kolksar writes only in the introductory part of the text, and then does not return to it. He concludes his thoughts with what he has repeatedly emphasized in his case in parallel, namely that intimacy is required by everyone, even if it is not really a fundamental one for many children.

Shortly after the blog post was published In another text He completed what he said because he received so many reactions to what Zsolt Osváth and Evelin Gáspár wrote that he could not leave without saying:

Audience eliminates intimacy and a sense of security. There is no good or bad publicity for the child. There is only advertising. If you were born into this, you will not be able to escape from it later on. Commentators laughing well at Evelyn Gaspar’s tragedy today are the same ones who laughed even when Guiso Gaspard pushed him into the role. However, perhaps the biggest tragedy is that the brainwashing therapy of Gyozu Gaspar, Christian Berkey, Peter Szabo, Norby, Kulkcharik and Nanisek went perfectly: the audience no longer suffocated the guilt that was part of it, it only felt its envy, because it was he who did not He can get enough of it.