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Index – Culture – Andrea Rust is reborn as a goldfish farmer

Roost Andrea Kossuth, Prima Primissima, Ferenc Liszt-winning Hungarian opera singer, worthy artist, heir to the Immortals’ Society. In March of this year, another Bartók-Pásztory happenedHe also won an award, And he added a completely unexpected title to the army of trophies, as the world-famous soprano became a farmer of goldfish.

It seems that it is becoming more and more fashionable in Hungary to join the ranks of farmers and gather agricultural knowledge. Recently, the index I mentioned thatThat many Hungarian celebrities lent their heads to training goldfish, like Delhusa Gjon, or there is a former model, Bódi Sylvi, who previously had So he got it Your testimony.

New Andrea Rust qualified with Peppermint gastronomic magazine Talk.

Also does the index Wrote, The singer was admitted to Szent László Hospital in the fall of 2020 with coronavirus infection. He was slowly recovering from an illness that afflicted him not only physically but also mentally. However, since he has successfully recovered, he feels reborn. From this, with new power, he began to realize his old dreams. As he says:

So far, he was the cultured and dominant opera singer taking his career up, and I, the little girl, made her dreams come true. Now I’m trying to unleash this brutality as well.

Almost all of these dreams can be linked to gastronomy. Since many of his ancestors were farmers, he was always interested in farming and producing crops. His big desire is Grove in the Balaton Uplands, he’s looking for the right area for that, because once you get into such a project, you don’t want to get caught up and make wrong decisions.

Balaton Heights is the center of my heart, so the area is really there, but the exact site is still under development. Much depends on creating and caring for the grove in my dreams. My wish is not a strict farm, but a small orchard filled with fruit trees that love each other. An organic gardener will also help me with how to enjoy these highly intelligent plants and help each other. And land quality and frost preparedness are not an easy issue, either. I hope I can cut short this dream so that it makes sense.

However, from now on, if you find the right land for your purposes, you will be able to offer compotes and jam for your children and grandchildren in the future only from locally grown fruits, you do not necessarily want to break into the market.

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He had already crossed this passion in his imagination with another person, which was none other than chocolate. He once made Hungarian red pepper-flavored chocolate in regards to what he had better insight into the diverse world of cocoa beans, so since then he’s been preoccupied with the idea of ​​how he could make chocolate more exciting with fruit.

Of course, that doesn’t mean he won’t be singing anymore from now on. Even though he has already picked up all the prestigious accolades in his career so far, he still sees challenges in his career.

I will never be disloyal to my profession and there are other opera roles that I would like to sing along to, but the truth is, now I can show little girl Andrea Rust as well. I already have everything in my purse that I craved professionally. She also asked what anyone else would want next. To be fulfilled as a person. I hope to say at the end of the trip, thank you, God, everything is completely fine. I have been serving the music and the audience as long as possible and I am capable of. Then we will see how I can continue with the service.