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After a long time, the fans of the Hungarian State Theater in Cluj Napoca could watch the first show again. The theater will present a narration by George Orwell in the Great Hall of the Theater on Friday May 21, 2021, from 7 pm. animals farm Music.

The play is directed by Zoltán Puskás from Vojvodina, who previously worked with the company in Cluj-Napoca. Oz, the great magicianVal is Jungle bookHe also worked with him. According to stage information, satirical humor plays a powerful role in the performance, and the director sums up his reason for his appearance with this piece:

For Orwell, expressing fear is crucial. Policy tools do not change much, there are many similarities between the presentation from the Orwellian text and the current state of the epidemic.

The text version of the Cluj-Napoca premiere was composed by Robert Lennard, and the music was composed by Erwin Iris and David Clem. The show features twenty-one songs, and its musical world blends the genres of musical operas and rock operas. Strong Irvine says this is necessary because it is

It is hard work in his intact world. We had to bring an air of rebellion in the machines, but where dramatics required it, we also moved toward a quieter sound.

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