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Index – Culture – Aunt Julie Bagkas left

09.10.2021. 09:26

Everyone loves Aunt Julie, our little village character. The village woman designer, Eva Temar, comes to us as a result of recently receiving a diamond diploma at the Drama University.

A diamond diploma means playing on stage for sixty years, which is exhausting to say, let alone work. Although he played in famous country theaters, he still works nationally for RTL We are a small village Bring it to him. Although he plays the bunny’s tail in the series, he broke into the public consciousness in one fell swoop and became a country favourite.

Sunday Brunch – Eva Temar – Preliminary

On Sunday’s broadcast, we touched on a lot of things, including the fact that he’s been dubbing for sixty years, he’s the enduring Hungarian voice of Judi Dench. As he talks about his teammates, a We are a small village About his fan base, the mood of the shoot, as well as how he spent his vacation with his great love, István Bujtor, at the time.

Stay tuned from Sunday 10th for the new episode of Sunday Brunch! If they can, check out our previous conversations too With Zoltan BereczkiAnd Schubert Norbert Obsession with fiery tamas.

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