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Index – Culture – Back in front of the microphone Pál Rókusfalvy

2021.06.05. 19:13

In our Sunday Brunch studio, after Gábor Zacher, we asked Pál Rókusfalvy what everything could fit in 27 minutes.

There is no Sunday without brunch Sunday on the pointer. Tomorrow’s guest will be Pál Rókusfalvy, a musician, winemaker, Etyek brand creator, advertising specialist, bar owner and tractor driver at the same time. For half an hour, of course, we’re only scratching the surface, but it turns out what happened in recent years with the former star host of the first Hungarian commercial radio, Danubius.

He is the first guest not to arrive empty-handed. Etyeki brought delicacies in his picnic basket, wine, goat cheese, a cheese cutting board, a kitchen towel, and some kind of tablecloth. A warm-up conversation started with owning these treasures in the Coliseum.

In front of the live microphones of the show, we will talk about hospitality, the Etyek festivals, through which one of the famous guests of his inn, the things worn by Jeremy Irons, the unforgettable arrivals and departures of businessman Sándor Demján. On why the Rókusfalvy tractor is a convertible and whether he considers himself a Knight of the NER. In addition, the former host legends of Danubius ask for a place on the soundtrack, so that we can enrich our knowledge about Péter Geszti or Gábor Bochkor with useful information. Stay tuned with us on the index morning Sunday morning!

If time permits, listen to what others have to say. Past guests of the Sunday Brunch podcast are:

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