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Index – Culture – Beautiful women can feel lonely, quarantine is enough

06.09.2021. 21:00

a light therapy (a) XXI. An epic tale of a prolonged period of quarantine in the twentieth century that tells of change, acceptance of supernatural powers, collaboration, trust and renewal through a creative lens.

The materials on the first floor of the Mai Manó House reflect a recent event that affects us all. The images in the series, born during the quarantine period, respond to the inexplicable uncertainty of the situation, sometimes with figurative accuracy, sometimes abstract, sometimes descriptive accuracy. Thus, he painted a portrait isolated from the artist’s slow and quiet quarantine days Fiction place. In addition to the series as a whole, each image differentiates and complements what is happening on a global scale with metaphorical data, giving the recipient a chance to reflect on the last lessons.

The image’s creator is Zoltán Tombor, who moved home from New York to quarantine after nearly a decade, working as a fashion photographer.

there oHe has worked with world-famous artists such as Sophie Marceau, Alicia Keys or Eddie Murphy, and among the Hungarian celebrities, among others, Barbara Palvin, Robert Alfoldi and Kata Dobo have been his models. His images appeared in prestigious devices such as time, Vogue and last but not least The Last Magazine.

The rooms on the second floor of Mai Manó House were also chosen from the artist’s own fashion and staff portraits. It can also be seen from these that Tombor adjusts his images more deeply than the simple laws of fashion photography; In beautifying reality and presenting a dress woven from desires and dreams. Aesthetic is not an essential tool, regularity and spontaneity appear as equally important photographic elements in his paintings.

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His first institutional solo exhibition in Budapest, At Manu’s house today Visible Until October 3, 2021.