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Index – Culture – Carson Koma clip made for the Detective series

The occasion on which this thirty-year-old music has been updated with new instrument and performance is none other than HBO’s new Hungarian series, detective.

Balint Szentgyörgyi writer director Think bold and write a story about the blind spot in history lessons, the times before regime change. The detective debuted in 61 countries on April 1, and it can already be said that his favorite work was born, one of the reasons for which is surely the nostalgia factor, which is supported not only by the visual world, but also by the choice of music.

The series includes, among others, from Europa Publishers a dirty timesfrom the control group A Informants and agitatorsfrom the pyramid to If I had two livesfrom Edda a I was your sonby Rezs Soltész a Say the song out loud. In addition, the details are pronounced Stephen King Rock operas, as well as action songs.

in the lab It can be seen that all the selected songs support the given scene dramatically, but maybe you are a doll is a comprehensive, albeit stylized, reference to the entire story, as Peter Farsicks, Carson Koma’s director video.

Peter Farsix (So ​​are you perfect) The mood of the clip closely corresponds to the visual and moody world of the series, along with the band. detective The main actors also appear.

detective With new parts appearing on HBO Max every Friday.

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