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The devastating news of daily data on the Coronavirus epidemic, articles related to vaccination or foreign diseases on the surface of various media, statements of the prime minister, and of course the medical director, spark real comment wars every day.

People Don’t Choose: Whether it’s the social media interface sharing the post about the pandemic, Facebook or Instagram, they instantly write their opinions under the “worthwhile” posts – why not, after all, there is freedom of speech.

Comments can be broadly divided into the following categories:

  • Pro-government
  • Anti-government,
  • Vaccination
  • Anti-vaccination,
  • Pro-Brussels,
  • Brussels counter,
  • Positive accent
  • Negative tone

And so on and so on …

The pandemic has been a part of our lives for over a year. The epidemic that demands human life and radically changes the order of daily life is spreading in society in many ways and in many areas. However, you read more and more comments that people are finding it difficult to put up with the ominous news, and they are more and more tired of receiving epidemiological data.

In this article, about a kind of “laughter is a cure-all” (keeping commenters’ secrets), we gathered some of the funniest posts from social sites, ignoring the number of likes.

Those many waves …

The first wave, the second wave, the third … there isn’t a single word that will stir commentators’ imaginations much. There’s everything here: Lake Balaton, hairdressing, even the tsunami.

Among the many waves we would be dancing, so many waves were hitting us.

Back to the future:

Urban! After all these waves, you can put a dowel on your head!

More Lake Balaton, less Adriatic!

There are so many waves that I don’t even have to go down to the beach as I have seasickness!

Stylishly wavy emoji.

The tsunami did not have the same number of covid waves in Hungary.

It depends on the series

Many commentators compare the situation to the popular Hungarian soap opera.

There will be as many episodes as Neighbors.

Unfortunately, there were almost no friends among friends in the last year, regardless of the series (before it was finally discontinued).

“Announcement soon”

Publications depicting live logins of Viktor Orbán are very popular. The prime minister’s statement – more specifically the comments section below the video – was immediately overshadowed by the satirical messages.


I was just going to the toilet, but I’ll wait to see if they talk until then.


Ano wasn’t expecting as much from my husband!

Movie fans:

What a joke he delivered, he says, soon. It bothered me.

The virus reaches its climax

In addition to waving, the climax is another favorite topic of commentators. Original, comic, without comment.

It would be an expensive renovation.

He is worse than a carpenter. It peaks all the time, but for more than a year.

Didn’t it get better?

The professor is coming on tuesday because of so many roofs, and my roof is in ruins.

Knights pollen

Some object to the slow vaccination program, others sing an ode to the quick service and the life after vaccination. Some people miss the Hungarian vaccine, and some prefer to have alcohol injected into their bodies.

Element? I think the prairie snail will get me pollen.

Anyone who has already been vaccinated will often put these words (and with the biceps emoji):

My little body snorted the pollen until the other wall gave it.

This is also an option (it could be):

I want vaccinations without registration.

Some people, regardless of when they are pollinated, are more enthusiastic about this year’s crop. brandy? Even with him!

I swear to Szabolcs Chemical Factory.

The million dollar question:

we will. But where is the vaccine?

And why does the number of cases not decrease per day?

Because many people only use the mask as a pod holder.

Just a soccer ball

Going to the match, but only by vaccination? For the elderly and the sick in Canaan, for the less active lovers.

Who will pass (the ticket, not the ball):

I have four tickets for the landing stage if anyone is interested. 70+, chronics preferred.

Himself, just under 10 years old:

Fazza. Then the stadium will be packed with people over 60, the chronically ill, pregnant women, and teachers.

This may not be the best way to raise young children …

Following the license

Finally, even those who haven’t had the opportunity to do this for weeks or months can take the test. Shiver, highways!

This is a true friend:

Finally, you might fail a fourth time!

Old driver:

And traffic exams? Slowly forget where the steering wheel is in the car.

they open

It’s a pleasure in the cube that (if?) The terraces finally open. It’s even nice if some people comment really well on this.

the teacher:

Since you don’t need a mask there, I sit there to study in lingerie.

Gold soup price:

The first 20-30 archers may receive some government support.


I can’t wait to sit on the patio … when the weather is fine in the morning, I don’t like having coffee in the kitchen anymore.

Who laughs at the commentators

Because there is of course, and at its core, this article does the same. Popcorn production!


You are doing Evolution right! There is no shortage of Darwin Prize winning entries.


I wish a lot of positivity (not COVID-19) to the negative commentators.

Least accurate:

You must have a vaccine against stupidity! As you have read here, quite a few people will need it.

(Cover photo: Bodnár Patrícia / Index)

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