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Our first topic was a phenomenon close to our guest, the world-famous chefs at home, namely the horrific amateur-style food pictures they display. Bennett is upset by this, because those who cook well do not brag about it as much as those who do poorly. Penny, for example, caused Barna to get into a long speech because of this post, the message — which, by the way, every word is true — you can hear in the broadcast.

Staying on the infectious line, Mark gets upset when people point out their generosity,

I left one plate on the plate.

There are two schools to eat a bit of etiquette or to leave a bite of etiquette. Is the more someone spends on food, the more they have to leave on their plate? And it also occurred to me whether the best bite should be left at the beginning of the meal or at the end? The Big Book says that if we eat the best bite at the beginning of a meal, we will always eat the best of the plate from there until the end of the meal.

Who should not know the constant battle of theft phone screens?

The worst happens to Beni devices on the regular too, so when he bought a new one, he invested in a case that the seller said protects even from the deepest pockets of hell. He also wrapped his phone around this very thick case with ceramic paper. After that, the device fell from twenty centimeters, the device broke into a hole. At least there was nothing wrong with this case.

Benny said that one of her friends, after watching her latest documentary on vegetarianism, reduced her meat consumption to only salami. Márkó filmed a video on vegetarianism this week.

But when talking about saving the planet, the extermination of the Fidelitas bee pasture was also brought up. The overzealous team that mixed politics with gardening and

We’ve also been inspired by this kind of brazen practicality. Encouraged by this situation, Marco suggested that we repair the Danube and lay a twelve-lane motorway. Brown suggested that we put jars under the trees on Margaret Island and sprinkle them with gravel so that it would be much easier to pass through the island. It has also been suggested that we fill the pits in Budapest with sealing dolls, or add another air conditioner to the outdoor units of the air conditioner, which will cool the escaping heat. But we don’t get rid of the option of people thinking before they bump into nature. You can listen to the latest broadcasts on YouTube and Spotify.