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Index – Culture – Dancing with the Stars continues into the fall

2021.05.16. 12:55

More couples measure their dance skills on TV2: The channel confirmed in an Instagram ad last year that Dancing With the Stars will be releasing this new season this year.

The production Dancing with the Stars, which aired on TV2 last fall, was the first Hungarian season in the original BBC Studio format. In the dance show, which is very popular all over the world and has already been licensed by 58 countries, 12 well-known people entered the parquet with professional dancers by their side, with one new production in each show.

Dancing With the Stars was the first production on TV2 where viewers could see Ramona Lékai-Kiss shifting from RTL, who became the show’s host alongside András Stohl. As one of the sensations of the first season of the several-week competition, Gabriela Spanic, well known from South American soap operas, showed her dancing skills under the protection of Andre Mangra. In addition to these, Andrea Osvart, Andras Sotti, Anico Marcy, Zolt Fass, Anna Bachtour, Gerge Cox, Timmy Gellensier, Bertalan Higgis, Aniki Dietar, David Paranía, Lasloe, Anadexandex, Anna Bugalo Estines. Dávid Tóth, Laura Lissák, Emilió, Orsolya Tóth, Danny Győrfi, and Alexandra Stana have all vowed to enter the dance floor. The productions were judged by Nora Erdoوغ, Andrea Molnar, Sanad Jirjeli Kovats, and Miklos Schaeffer, with first season winners Timmy Gellenscher and Bertalan Hegis.

Although it was no secret that the dance show will continue in 2021, Since it was announced last December Channel, but now with a recent entry this has been confirmed again on TV2 and On their Instagram page. For now, the only thing that is new information is that the audience will be able to see new actors, there is no news about the exact start, all that happens is that the show will be showing in the fall.

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Meanwhile, TV2 also produces other products on a large scale. It turned out recently that Nora Deville will be the host Into the soon-to-be adventurous reality Totem, where we can track our celebrity treasures hunt. This self-developed channel program is filmed at the Balaton Uplands. In addition, Ninja Warrior also returns to the screen, that is With a renewed host team: In addition to Attila Till, audiences will see Zoltán Szujó and Ramóna Lékai-Kiss in production.