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Index – Culture – Disposable Bodies stored at the Péter Zsoldos Awards

At the same time, the literary fruit was rewarded for two years once again by the Hungarian science fiction community. The reason for the delay of the 2020 and 2021 Awards this year is due to a change in the award’s background.

a Peter ZoldosFounded in 1997 by the Avana Association and the municipality of Salgótarján (now a county town), the award is named after writer Péter Zsoldos, and the Zsoldos family has been represented on the awarding body throughout.

The intentions of the award’s founders were:

The Péter Zsoldos Prize is a Hungarian literary award awarded annually for her achievements in the science fiction genre.

Although it has happened before that a jury of writers, linguists, writers and critics, which sometimes changes in composition in a particular category (short story, novel, novel), did not award any prizes, but in 2019 the change came. The association wrote on its website:

The Zsoldos family decided that they would like to sponsor the prize that the association created – according to the Zsoldos family’s information – in cooperation with the Petőfi Literary Museum. The announcement surprised us a little bit, because we’ve established the award, and we’ve looked after it for over 20 years. But we note the decision of the Zsoldos family, as we believe that it will not be worthy of the name and memory of Péter Zsoldos if the association makes any claim regarding the award, so we issue the award in the manner of the good parent so that he can go his own way.

On April 23, 2020, which is World Book and Copyright Day, Avana Association created a new award called the Monolith Prize.

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The professional jury for the Péter Zsoldos Prize, which now has a new background (literary writer Vera Benczik, literary historian Péter H., literary critic József Keserű, literary critic Péter Kristóf Makai, literary critic and translator Zoltán István Szabó, writer and first Rsrdi presented Petr. Once on April 20, 2021, the writer’s birthday, separately for Top Artists of 2019 and 2020 – now also in the Literary Translation category.

However, the most important change also affected the genre: in addition to science fiction, works appearing in other areas of fantasy and fantasy are also possible. Career decisions regarding the award are already made by an advisory board, whose members are dám Gaborják, writer Réka Szilárdi, and critic Gábor Takács. The award is independent of literary organizations, publishers and foundations.

Mercenary Prize by sculptor Palint Guzza


Based on the decision of the professional jury

In 2020, they will receive the prestigious recognition:

  • Short Story Category Winner: László Sepsi: Bad Talk,
  • Translation Category Winner: Editing G. Bogár (Johanna Sinisalo: Seed of the Sun),
  • Novels Category Winner: Anita Muscat: Leather and Leather,
  • Audience Award Winner: Sándor Szélesi: The Stolen Troll,

In 2021, they will be awarded the Péter Zsoldos Prize:

  • Short Story Category Winner: Attila Ferris: Restoring the World,
  • Translation Category Winner: translation by Berta Eleonora Molnar (Susanna Clark: Piranesi),
  • Novel Category Winner: Brandon Hackett (Markofix Bound): Bodies Disposable,
  • Audience Award Winner: Brandon Hackett (Markofix Bound): Disposable Bodies,

Index earlier interviewed Markofix Boutond, this year’s two-prize-winning writer, who voiced it this way, among other things:

Everyone wants to become immortal at a young age, for the rest of their life, not old, sick or mad. But suppose the body does not age, it does not get sick. But who knows what state our awareness will be in over time? Our soul, our soul. Six hundred years from now, can we remember what we did in 2020? Most adults are not even able to remember their childhood in detail.

Full conversation with the young writer It can be read in the index. The Avana Association has yet to award a Monolith Award, but the entry deadline has expired at the end of March. Candidates include Brandon Hackett’s “Disposable Bodies” and Sándor Szélesi from the Mysterious Universe series, Quadruple Power Plasma and Power Projector, among recent Péter Zsoldos Prize recipients. The Monolith Awards will be presented at the 2021 HungaroCon National Sci-Fi Meeting.

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