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Index – Culture – Does your grandmother come to walk with me?

Zsuzsa Lehoczky was chosen as the nation’s representative. Besides his character, the operetta genre was also included in the forefront of Hungarian acting – not as if it had never been there before.

The operetta – although the genre of operetta has been alive since Mozart – in addition to the adjective Vienna, the Hungarian at least raised Emre Kalman and Frink Lehr to international status. The podcast of the index arútluK this time featured representatives from the nation and talks about it as well

  • How old are you can be called subretto,
  • Why did Zsuzsa Lehoczky not become a movie actress,
  • Would they write an operetta from an actor in the nation stuck in an elevator,
  • How do the nation’s representatives choose a new member,
  • And what does Attila Vednyansky have to do with the nation’s representatives?

Benedek F. Toth, Alexandra Cozaar, and Gerge Vig, members of the Culture division of Index, speak on the Index podcast.

Click the player button and listen to arútluK’s weekly podcast!

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