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Index – Culture – Drake became Artist of the Decade at the Billboard Music Awards

Canadian rapper Drake has increased his record number of awards to twenty-nine so far and has earned recognition for the artist’s contract at the Billboard Music Awards, MTI reports. The rapper first made it to the Billboard Hundreds chart in 2009, and has since held the world’s largest charts, with a total of 232. On Sunday, he also won Most Stream Songs.

Icon Award Pink color She won an award as an American singer. The actress was joined on stage by her nine-year-old daughter, and they also choreographed the acrobatic choreography for Cover Me in Sunshine.

weekendIt was nominated for 16 awards, including Best Artist, Best Male Artist, Best Song on the Hot 100 for Blind Lights, and Best R&B Album in After Hours.

The musician was able to receive the most awards, being ranked the best in a total of ten categories.

The late Pop Smoke rapper posthumously won five awards, becoming – among other things – Best New Performer, Best Rapier, and his debut album Best RapBum. Instead of the rapper who was murdered at his home last year, his mom has taken over the charges.

The live portions of the award ceremony led by Nick Jonas were held outdoors in front of an audience wearing a mask.

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