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Index – Culture – Duran Duran, or nice boys, are old

The past future Doran Doran’s new album cover, featuring original black and white photos by Japanese photographer Daisuke Yokota, is intertwined. The red number is fixed while the green is on. Somehow this is expressed by past future Duran Duran’s career is that there’s a teen idol group from the ’80s who can make a living out of their past, and the proceeds from their multi-platinum albums, but they never unraveled, perhaps not to prove that they were some of the most misunderstood groups in pop culture.

Some people think Duran Duran is a gathering place for hairdressers, stylish handsome boys, and the ensemble equal to the fancy visuals in which every woman was at least a Bond girl and every man a secret love agent.

Many say Duran Duran brought the disco aristocracy to the little-town girls’ dormitories scented with the scent of Limara, where they wanted to invite Simon Le Bon, but in the end Kiki came from the first floor with the butter-coloured Lada Smara, perhaps the textiles in the middle. He thinks chicks will be endless video, like RioThe reflex or the It’s just love.

Well Doran Doran was made up of really good boys who at least had a snowy white sailing luxury yacht like the LED video wall, and they probably played a little better at the style, the subtle charm of the pop bourgeoisie, and the cool feel of the mid-long, but that Is Mood and Bowie and Brian Ferry, the new wave scene really took over the glossy neon modernity of the ’80s.

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One forward, one backward

Duran Duran was a distinct new wave band who for some reason thought the video clip was at least as important a medium for them as the fancy magazine covers.

However, it is also clear that a past future His guest list includes artists such as Mike Garson, who also works with David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails, and Graham Cookson, guitarist for Blur, but to balance the energy space, Eurodisco’s High Priest Giorgio Moroder took on the role of producer on two songs.

The squad stepped forward and one back, summoned hungry like a wolffive, (a) reflexand others and that Ordinary worldFive, but a past future It became a clever, responsive modern album that recycled Duran Duran’s sonic image of the ’80s, streamlined and customized like a bridal suit made by Milanese tailors.

By the way, the latest 2015 is also full of creative energies gods paper They also toured seriously on their album, including Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante and Nile Rodgers.

generous guitar

The opening shot invisible summons the Rio A new wave of disco inferno, but she doesn’t copy it, she hints at it, and that’s a big difference. The all of youGraham Coxon’s spiky guitars balance well the bohemian disco drama, while the album’s bombshell, retro future, hit partly Bowie, but mostly early Duran Durant. Feast 40 years this year Riot celebrate.

On the band’s fifteenth album, the best records are those that don’t want to depart from the funk-influenced pop-festival heritage, but retell it boldly, as did the title track. past future in their lyrical poems.

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There may be those who think that Covid inspired the album with lyrics of grief and emotional crisis, but most of them were ready before the first wave of the pandemic. The past future A deluxe contemporary pop album with great flair, well inspired by the band’s arsenal of influencers, yet 2020 comes to mind, not Rio The cover features the popular female character Patrick Nagel, who Nick Rhodes humbly said was the Mona Lisa of the ’80s.

Disarming is the ultra-professionalism of the record, John Taylor’s unconventional sensual playing, Roger Taylor’s subtle drumming, but there’s Nick Rhodes’ soaring keyboard racing, Le Bon’s trademark signature acoustics and charisma. The nothing lessBen Boon sings about whether we are carved in stone or just lines drawn in sand? Well, more of the former. And to be able to read it, above the inscriptions there is a pale pink neon squeak.

Duran Duran: Past of the Future

BMG, 51 min, No. 12