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Index – Culture – Failed in movie theaters, but this new action movie is on Netflix

Film 355, in which spies gather to save the world, was shown in cinemas not so long ago, in early January. It had little success because it managed to raise 27 million worldwide at exit, bringing back half of its 75 million production cost. Well, you could cover it up by taking on the new Spider-Man movie, but then it had to be packed away or something. Hungarians weren’t too interested in working across the border either, in the opening weekend, 355 were watched by barely 6,000 people in Hungary.

The idea for the production sprang from the head of Jessica Chastain, the actress could assign 355 to the female type of James Bond. Based on the first trailers, many felt that it was a streaming movie, that was meant to be released there. After the fall of cinema, we didn’t have to wait long for the TV premiere, Netflix released the movie in Hungary on April 1. And 355 exploded, becoming the most-watched movie on the top ten list of online video repository within days, and it still holds sway.

The complications revolve around a high-tech gadget that immediately turns out to be a pretty good risk in the first few minutes: they board a plane with it and then unplug Bogotá after two mouse clicks. No wonder the bad guys love to grab the device. But fortunately for the world, two agents, CIA Mace Brown (Jessica Chastain) and Marie Bmidt (Diane Kruger), who works for the German BND, are put to the test. They were supplemented by MI6 Khadijah (Lupita Nyong’o) and a psychiatrist, Graciela (Penélope Cruz), who was mistakenly involved.

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The film is mainly bleeding from the making of director Simon Kinberg, hated by the majority for scattering the X-Ment, and hasn’t been able to show anything meaningful since around 2006. The director was simply unable to do exciting action scenes, Kinberg stuck there to be cool when fluffy actresses beat the big guys. Although the audience’s stomach has not been taking it anymore, it is enough to think of Tomb Raider, where Alicia Vikander kneaded herself like horror, so no one told her. If not, we would cry. Partly because of that, the character of Lara Croft worked on screen. Another issue is that the writers couldn’t even put the story of this movie together.

The 355 tried in vain to copy and perform a more progressive mission: Impossible and similar spy movies. Tom Cruise still does it a thousand times better, although forced to carry the franchise alone on his back, quite a few big names have gotten here. In addition, the 120-minute playtime can be felt for at least three hours, so it is completely withdrawn.

The movie doesn’t spin, it’s not amazing, and we couldn’t unearth the movie’s protagonists in a way that excites them. They are really beautiful, but that’s it.

Between Jessica Chastain and Diane Kruger at times the give and take goes, but they’re also so superficial that in mediocre performance, they can’t get more out of the American and German clients who hate each other anyway. The fact that a talent like Lupita Nyong’o has been forced into a mandatory hacker role won’t take our stomachs for a while, but the Kinbergs couldn’t benefit from Penelope Cruz more than eyecandy banter.

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Simon Kinberg’s movie tries to be aggressive, but in the meantime is painfully mean, so in a couple of weeks all Netflix viewers will remember him. The cast is full of Oscar-winning actors, but if they couldn’t get them to play, we can’t help but think they took on this literal job because of the busy pay. Otherwise, why was it so worthwhile for them to give their name to such a terrible movie?

There is also the main villain in the story, of course, we will not spoil his identity in case someone wants to see the movie. But even though it’s a relatively big name, it just can’t pull the strings to catch our pulse, even for a second. However, minimal expectations from an action movie would be that if the script is no longer great, we can at least feel the action in an armchair. So the 355 is a failure in every respect. (4/10)

Available on Netflix with 355 Hungarian dubbing and subtitles.