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Index – Culture – Film Ildiko Ennedi Mahfouz, Gabriella Hammori is the best actress in the Hungarian Motion Picture Festival

12/6/2020 21:31

Special Herd became the best feature film, and audiences found Christmas to be the best. The best TV movie was Kroda’s novel by Krista Ida. The awards of the Hungarian Film Festival were presented in Visprem.

The separate flock It also won Best Feature Film and Best First Film Edda’s novel and (Director: Kriszta Goda) Best TV Movie Award at a Sunday evening gala held at the Petőfi Theater in Veszprém. At the closing event of the Hungarian Film Festival Ildico Ennedi Become the best director (My wife’s story), While the award for Best Debut Film went to Little Hajni (separate flock) He received a secret ballot by membership of the Hungarian Film Academy.

Hungarian Film Festival, jointly organized by the National Film Institute and the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 – European Capital of Culture, June 9-12. It took place in Veszprém, Balatonfüred and Balatonalmádi. Indicator He was there the whole time The EventAnd the We met We will also be reporting to Ferenc Ruffos with a special report on the closing ceremony.

Ildikó Enyedi movie in the foreground

The Hungarian Motion Picture Awards were awarded in twenty categories. The Hungarian Motion Picture Prize was designed by Zénó Kelemen, a Munkácsy Prize-winning sculptor.

  • Gabriella Hammouri won the award for best heroine (to my knowledge) He can take over.
  • Best Male Champion Award is János Kulka (the game) He can take her home.
  • Audience Award is birthday Receive the movie.
  • The best cinematographer is Rive Marcel (My wife’s story).
  • Best Screenplay: Szántó Fanni and Kis Hajni (separate flock).
  • Best Documentary All Night is one for all (Director: Andras Pires Mohi).
  • Best Documentary Short Film A Jankovi? (Director: Szonja Szabó).
  • The best short film is forgotten generation (Norbert Araxe).
  • The best animated movie is Glaser Katie legendary family his movie.
  • Best TV Series A Shakespeare / 37 – Montage and Capulet (Director: László Magács).
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Most awards – Best Director, Best Cinematographer, Best Cut, Best Costume, Best Mask – Ildico Ennedi. My wife’s story Receive. The audience is Daniel Tesker birthday He found his movie better.

(Cover Image: Tamás Nagy/Index)