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Index – Culture – From nails to index: Aunt Julie at Sunday lunch

10.10.2021. 10:45
Modified date: 10/10/2021 11:28

Above seventy, national fame appeared in his life through the series Our Little Village. However, Eva Temar previously played the greatest characters of world literature on stage. He does not mind all this at all, he was happy to talk about the life of the theater as well as his role in the series.

Éva Tímár, Mari Jászai award winning actress, is a worthy and excellent artist, working in the field for 60 years. Not only on stage, but also in dubbing studios, one of the well-known dubbing voices in Hungary, the enduring Hungarian voice of Judi Dench, can go through the same number of difficult years. In James Bond films, we can hear him speak as the boss of Agent 007, M. The Szabó family also claimed its members, who could be enjoyed until the sun, and posed as Ramona in radio soap operas for ten years. Not only did he play during the second half of the 20th century, but he worked with a number of famous partners.

From Nail to Index: Aunt Julie at Sunday Lunch

Her husband, Giorgi Karpati, was a three-time Olympic champion in water polo. He later lived with actor István Bujtor for 10 years, and then with director Imre Csiszár.

The actress, who plays a major role in rural companies, gained national fame well beyond the age of 70 when she entered the series Our Little Village, playing Aunt Julie from the start. Season six ended in early October, so on his break he accepted the invitation to Sunday brunch.

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Discussed in the show

  • Shooting work for our small village and fan camp of the series,
  • who looked like herself as her husband in the series,
  • Why do you like Sync Judi Dench
  • How was his young love, young Istvan Bogtor,
  • Why were they not born, only every hundred years a representative king, Zoltan Latinovets.

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