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I heard thunder and thought it was the answer – Wayne Butler sings a Illumination II. It is the new Arcade Fire game, we It can now be heard on his sixth album. Everyone is waiting for thunder, an answer, or even a record. Let’s just say a we-repeats.

Arcade Fire is back in 2004 Funeral David Bowie and U2 competed over who loved Montreal artists, which was decided by U2: 2005 vertigoOn their tour of the Arcade Fire He woke up They took the stage.

Perhaps at this time I was cycling across the Hungarian-Roman border to see Tornia, which looked just like my hometown, Patonia, whose condition only shows about 70 years ago. So I just arrived for my father’s childhoodMeanwhile Arcade Fire Funeral registered. As a result of this rainy rise heart border My version, that’s when I invented book frames with headphones on my head.

I tend to expect a lot from the new Arcade Fire disc, and they usually don’t disappoint, even though the 2017 consumer community everything now It was as creative a failure as it was here in Montreal. I quickly bought one of the vinyl versions of the album, released in 22 different versions, wondering if something was wrong with me, but nothing saved me: Arcade Fire was trying to expand its world with a non-fiction pop record.

Just the usual folk

It doesn’t matter, it’s been five years, let’s see what they get we-with! They certainly managed to maintain their spot at the A-League Festival, which is rightly expected of the band for which Terry Gilliam will be hosting the concert broadcast in the arena.

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The ambitions could not be less, as in addition to the band’s founders, Wayne Butler and Regenie Chassin, the production was made by Nigel Goodrich, who also works with Radiohead. The recordings were made partially in New Orleans, El Paso, Texas, and Mount Desert Island, Maine, but were not inspired by these landscapes, but were primarily written by Yevgeny Zamyatin in 1921. what or what They were impressed by his miserable Russian novel.

The obvious antecedent of the book, which can already be read in Hungarian, is Orwell 1984 Vision. album Unconditional 2 (race and religion) Peter Gabriel sang in his song, but it wasn’t his first tour with the band, David Bowie in 2013 reflector He contributed to an 85-minute (!) double album.

The sad side and the happy side

The we Not a particularly brave act, no surprises, subtly changing the season with style, here are the usual folk songs, hymns, wide screen, as if only Funeralt wanted to call (light), And here are the dancing pop tracks that wink at The Killers (eg. The age of the second concern.). Starting with playing the piano The End of Empire IV. Not hard to notice in John Lennon imagineNew Order’s indie disco comes here and there, too.

If you want, you can have a kind of concept album weside A of the disc sad sidewhile on side B is joy and love We can hear his songs. Incidentally, this is the last Arcade Fire album to feature multi-instrumentalist Will Butler, brother of bandleader Wayne Butler. He left the band last year, shortly after they finished recording.

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The album doesn’t even come close to that Funeral Or the 2010 Grammy Award Winner suburbs So far more successful than great reflector or thoughtful EVERTHING NOWThey gave a gift not as in the folk tale. The The end of the empire Fourth wing. In theory, a Sagittarius Ain that they sing it The space where heaven has gone. This can be a big problem, but fortunately those who can write such heavenly folk gospels, heroism and heroism, sooner or later will find heaven.

Arcade Fire: We

Sony, 10 numbers, 40 minutes