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Index – Culture – goes back to Downton Abbey

The great news for fans of fashion movies is that the Downton Abbey series delights viewers embracing the Englishman with yet another full-length movie. The big announcement was made on the series’ Instagram page. The work will be shown in cinemas on Christmas Day, December 22, 2021, from which it can be concluded that the celebration of Christmas will also appear in the film.

The series ended in 2015, won 15 Emmy Awards and 3 Golden Globes, and ran for six seasons, the latter being an outstanding performance for a non-American-made series.

After six seasons, the creators already had a full movie night in 2019, but since then there has been silence about the series. Several people have tried to fill in the void left by the series. The most successful attempt to do this at Christmas 2020 is The Bridgerton family There has been a new series on Netflix that is starting to try to compete with Downton Abbey on some of the sets, but there is still a lot to learn from the great pioneer in terms of storytelling, but there is still room to prove it in Season Two.

Known for its iconic characters to appear in the upcoming movie, the script is by Julian Fellows, so it shouldn’t be a huge disappointment for fans. In the previous movie (2019), notable guests arrived at Downton Abbey, and the royal couple visited the property, causing a lot of complications in the family’s life. The 2019 film left an open case, Mrs. Violet (Maggie Smith) disease. Hopefully, his recovery will be one of the central themes of the entire evening’s work to be presented at Christmas.

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