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The Food Guide Restaurant Awards, one of the most important events in Hungarian gastronomy, was held on the evening of Monday, July 19. Taster will report on the event from the venue – Castle Garden Bazaar.

In recent years, there hasn’t been much change at the forefront of the Top 100 list, which has been driven primarily by Michelin-starred restaurants and a narrow circle of restaurants in Budapest. We were curious about the impact of the pandemic and a year and a half of forced rest on the world of Hungarian gastronomy with slight interruptions.

How can it be tested during this period and what happened to restaurants that have not yet reopened? Has rural hospitality strengthened, with more guests arriving at home distribution in the recent period? We arrived at the awards ceremony with many questions.

Testing began in the summer of 2020 and was supposed to run until the end of January 2021 the following year, but the restaurant’s closure in November halted unit visits. After restaurants reopened, we continued testing from mid-May. Of course, we can only rate restaurants that are open. Those that remain closed so far will be shown in the top 100 publications with their expected opening date, but we cannot comment on changes and services that distinguish them.

– said Zoltán Herczeg, the responsible publisher of the Dining Guide.

Last February, the last gathering of the entire profession was brought together to celebrate and celebrate together, so at Castle Garden Bazaar there was a remarkable mixture of tension and delight for each other.

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The awards ceremony immediately started with the best local restaurants. Award-winning chefs were invited to the stage in turn, three of whom were already representing country restaurants.

The 12 Best Restaurants and Chefs at The Dining Guide Best Restaurant Awards:

  • Stand Restaurant – Tamás Széll, Szabina Szulló
  • Pastel Restaurant – Janos Erdi
  • Platin Gourmet – Estefan Besty
  • Rumors by Rácz Jenő – Rácz Jen
  • Budapest Salt – Tóth Szilárd
  • Texture – Sarkozy’s Shakes
  • Golden Caviar Restaurant – Lászlo Kanász
  • Essencia Restaurant – Thiago Sabarigo
  • Laurel Budapest – Midi Ádám
  • Stand 25 Bistro – Tamás Széll, Szabina Szulló
  • Bistro42 – Barna dám
  • Omi Saeed Restaurant – Szabulex Dudas

Apparently, with one exception, the Michelin-starred restaurants in Budapest are missing from the list, which have yet to reopen. The whole profession is eagerly awaiting the fate of these restaurants, which have made a significant contribution to the development of the sector, the promotion of Hungarian food tourism, but even the fact that Budapest In 2016, Bocuse d’Or managed to host a European final.

The ceremony continued with the announcement of special awards and presentation of the Restaurant of the Year award and the Best Country Restaurant award.

SALT Budapest has received the Sustainability Award, which recognizes the reduction of the environmental impact of restaurants. Chef Szilárd Tóth told us in a separate interview what initiatives can be taken to make this happen. You can watch the concert recap in video format soon.

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Once again, Laurel Budapest’s Head Chef Udam Midi was named Young Chef’s Talent of the Year, while Robinson Restaurant owner Arpad Laszlo received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

This year, for the fourth year in a row, László Mihályi was named Pastry Maker of the Year, a Hungarian pioneer in French confectionery. Mihályi Patisserie in Vác celebrated its thirteenth birthday this year.

Restaurant of the Year Award – Suite

The suite won Restaurant of the Year 2021 award. The restaurant, run by duo Szabina Szulló – Tamás Széll, opened in 2018 and has been recognized for the third time in a row since then.

Hungarian gastronomy is full of possibilities, we consider it important to show its beauty and diversity. At Restaurant Stand, we place great emphasis on regional and seasonal ingredients, thinking and working with Hungarian producers, and most importantly, taste.

The chef couple confesses.

Country Restaurant of the Year – Platin Gourmet

In 2015, István Pesti won a Michelin star with the restaurant he runs. In the same year, he moved to the countryside and took over the kitchen management of the Platan Restaurant in Tata. He embarked on an exciting journey in shaping the country’s gastronomy, which has now matured, and this recognition is also a sign of that. In 2020, as a result of a major upgrade, the restaurant was split into two parts: a more relaxed bistro and a newly designed fine dining restaurant, the latter being Platin Gourmet.

The chef’s tasting menu lines and combinations of dishes are deservedly famous, and are considered a true living legend. Many believe he is the most beautiful Hungarian chef; Therefore, they draw inspiration from his writings in the framework of design workshops and fine art training courses.

You can see our interviews with the chefs and a summary of the party in our video roundup soon. The Top100 Restaurant Guide will be available in newsagents from July 21.

Taster will be introducing the most popular restaurants in the coming weeks.