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Index – Culture – Judith Shell left Spain and Thalia Theatre

Did you officially attend the world premiere of My Wife’s Story?

We’re so fine with Méni Mécs, the film’s producers, they invited him to the show. It was a great success, a beautiful movie, a good experience. I wonder if the jury would appreciate it, but whatever it was, it’s very good that Eldeco’s old dream came true.

Have you spoken to Sharon Stone?

She missed it. I was already sitting in line when he arrived on the red carpet.

How did you get to Kan?

I’m going home, and I didn’t want to beat those three thousand miles straight. I was in Cordoba, in La Manga, stopped in Barcelona, ​​and spent a few days with my friends in the villages of Provence.

According to them, he does not fly.

No, I’ll bring my car home.

Back to Thalia?

No, I have already resigned there. Now I’m still the head coach until the end of my contract, but I haven’t been around since September.

Will you remain as an actor?

No, I’m coming from the theatre.

Csaba Pindroch also left the company. What is this great escape?

It’s not an escape, it’s only natural that you have to switch sometimes. I said before that I want to go where it expires nodal.

what is the reason?

I thought it was time to switch in several areas of my life, so it was time to switch in theater as well. It has a bit of a cyclical fluctuation in my trajectory anyway. I come from Radnóti after eight years. Borica gave birth at the National Theater in the eighth year, and in the ninth year I also came from there.

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Are you pregnant now

No, she missed it now.

What will you start with your freedom?

I don’t know, I think, I’m still working as an actress.

Will you be independent?


Do you have specific plans?

No, I didn’t spend my outdoor days knocking on all kinds of doors online or drawing attention to myself for my future. I’ve lived in my own spectacle, and now I’m still on this beautiful journey, and then we’ll see how we go forward.

Aren’t you afraid of change?

I think they bring good things.

(Cover photo: Judit Shell on August 8, 2017. Photo: Ajpek Orsi/Index)