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Index – Culture – Juli Básti took on the role of the butcher because of Zoltán Mucsi

Julie Basti plays the role of a butcher in her TV series Baby. Among other things, the actress said yes to the role because she was finally able to play Zoltán Mucsi. .

Debut on April 10 – with a double part – Comedy series Coming to the screens on Sunday, the main character is a wonderful Hungarian chef, played by Cornel Simon, and the main character is “Baby, who runs a broken sausage pan”, played by Zoltan Mossi.

Old co-workers, new co-workers

actress BlakeHe told him that despite being in the acting profession for over forty years, they had never worked with Zoltán Mucsi.

That’s why I enjoyed this series because I love it so much!

– He said and then added: It’s great to work with Zoltán Mucsi, he is a well-prepared, conscientious actor who takes his work very seriously. Julie Basti said she was drawn to the fact that Zoltán Mucsi was the main character, because that was what the joke promised.

It was really nice to have a few minutes to talk while you work at a tense pace. Our tastes, our thinking, we see the world the same way. I thought so, but it’s good to have my assumptions confirmed

The actress said that she does not like to see herself on the screen, so she arrived late for the press presentation of the series, only watching the last ten minutes. He noted that although he did not want to look back, A “The others are so sweet and goodAnd no complaints about the visuals either, as the entire series was beautifully filmed. Since there is a lot of close-up shots, the characters get close to the viewers.

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