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Index – Culture – Kathia Tombos and the silly road movie “Now Now” are loved in America

08.03.2021. 17:29

Peter Sajky’s 2019 production won the Los Angeles Film Awards for Best Feature Film and Best Romantic Comedy. At the festival, where a total of 60 American and international films competed, Katya Tombos received the Best Actress award, and Tamas Mohai received the special award as a male hero.

Made from a budget of seventy million forints, without state support filmBride (Katia Tombos), a runaway from her wedding, and a taxi driver (Tamas Mohai) turned lawyer tell the story of their gruesome and sometimes absurd joint adventures from Budapest to Balaton Uplands.

The film, of the dramatic genre, is well-liked abroad: in New York, it won five awards at the New York Film Awards, including a major. Kátya Tompos became the best actress there, and Rozi Lovas became the best supporting character. Last year, Tamas Mohai also received the Los Angeles Man of the Year award from the International Love Film Festival jury, and received the same award at the Istvan Bogtor Film Festival in Hungary.

As director Peter Szajki With an intimate head injury which won its first film award at the 2009 Hungarian Film Festival. His second feature film, A star, my wife, my girl The Hungarian movie became the most watched film of the year in Hungarian cinemas in 2012.

It has now also appeared in the competition program of last week’s Swindon International Film Festival, and will also screen at the Varna International Film Festival in August.

In Péter Szajki, written with his wife Adél Szajki-Vörös, big guns like Péter Scherer, Juli Básti, Vince Zrínyi Gál, Ferenc Elek and Lehel Kovács play smaller roles. The cinematography pays tribute to Balázs Domokos.

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Van is now available on RTL Most, which prefers a true cinematic vibe and is located on the north shore of Lake Balaton on August 6, 9 p.m. on the beach in Zánka, where they can talk to the creators from 7 a.m.