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Index – Culture – Krishtian Grixu and Geza Permini received the Libri Literary Awards

Libri held a literary award ceremony on their Facebook page last year, but now, together with SzínházTV, they have taken the quality of online events to a new level. Compared to this surprisingly boring Oscars this year, they showed what it is like to be when the awards ceremony is not just a formality but a tribute to Artists Arts Before.

Ten authors competed This year for the Libri Literary Prize, selected from 155 books by fifty publishers by Voters and the Professional Committee.

Based on the voices of a five-member professional jury and the audience, Hungarian Copperfield director Geza Permini won the Libri Literary Prize and Christian Grecxo’s book “More About Me” won the Libri Literary Audience Prize.

Greco DoubledHe also won the Audience Award last year, and was impressed with the decision. Bereményi responded to victory with one of his grandfather’s funny sayings:

This is the bed you’ve been longing for.

Professional jury members are Zovia Szelagi, Andrea Volaitar, Zoltan Beck, Ksaba Karoly and Andras Pallent.

The one-hour show was a quality success, which Libre premiered from 7 pm. Facebook pageAn hour later, theater TVwebsite Those interested can follow it for free, and the show will still be watched. A separate short film was filmed for each of the final ten works, which recreated the works’ atmosphere from the choice of space, through scenes and graphics, through reading, music and the natural sounds that take place underneath. Although many other artistic branches were crowded into a literary party, the end result was still unified.

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