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Index – Culture – Lajos Galmbos: It occurred to me to sit on the sentence

The full conversation will be available on the index on Sunday, September 18th at 10am. We now show a detail in which we discover how the musician and his family received the sentence against him.

Lajos Galmbos and Szonja Kitzinger at brunch Sunday, September 16, 2021 at Harris Park

Photo: Patnícia Bodnár / Index

Obviously, the kids were excited to receive the news. Today, if the verdict is announced at 11 am, everyone knows it is 11 am. We have a family chat group where I immediately wrote to them to relax, and we’ll talk about this. But I did not ask them to go home, because they go to university in Budapest. However, in the evening, everyone gathered at Boldogasszonypuszta, the family property, and we began to talk over a glass of drink about where we had started and where we are now. We argued that this was a wrong decision on the part of the judge, but at the same time we also scored that we trust the most appropriate verdict in the second instance.

Sunday Brunch – Preliminary (Lagos Galampos)

When he heard the referee, how did he wear it? According to some experts, he could have had up to seven years.

I am a person with a positive outlook on life, but I find it hard to accept. I was so shocked, I wasn’t expecting that. I was given two years and ten months, and my wife was acquitted – we also trusted the latter – but it took seven years for the first degree to be born. Meanwhile, he was seriously ill, and our relationship deteriorated during the waiting period. I also contributed to the fact that when I heard the time allotted to me, I was with him that if the peace of the family depended on it, if I could shut everything down now, I might go to prison. This was seriously brought up in me.

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The reason the presenter eventually dropped the idea was revealed, among other things, from the Sunday Brunch broadcast.

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