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After a long-standing serious illness, Marie Tauriيكek, the nation’s representative, and actor died twice with the Mary Jazai Award and three times the Kossuth Prize, the most awarded Hungarian actor.

“The National Theater Company declares with great pain that today, at dawn, after a long struggle with illness, Mary Tureek, Kuchot three times and twice Jaszai Marie and the Bella Palazz Award-winning actress, who passed away in the 86th year of her life, is a worthy and excellent artist. Immortals Society Marit Tureshik considers the National Theater to be his dead character National Theater website.

In one of her interviews with in January 2014, Marie Turiek explained why she did not want any more interviews: “Words are not available”. “They are so kind to take care of my God, but they are just running out of words, I have nothing to say, and I think he will not be there in this life anymore. Get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with anyone, but how I live after that doesn’t really belong to anyone from now on.There are still theater invitations, and I’ll give information about them, if any, but as a private person I no longer exist.

She said this a few weeks after the death of her husband, director Gyula Marr. They lived together for forty years.

Marie Torisic was born in 1935 in Bailey, Heves County. His mother was a teacher and his father was a school principal. His grandfather allegedly had a small movie theater, so he fell in love with movies as a child. At the age of nineteen, he was accepted into the College of Theater and Film Arts, and he didn’t even graduate when he garnered his first major success. This was 1956 Carousel, a movie by Zoltán Fábri. Not only was Fabry indebted for the movie breakthrough but his name too, he suggested that he be called Mary instead of Marian (his original name was Marianne). In Carousel, he played Mary Pataki, whose parents want to marry the neighboring farmer so that they can consolidate their lands. Of course, the girl does not like him, but Matti Beru (Emre Suse), who has none. The director of the film was nominated for a Golden Palm in Cannes, Jean Cocteau accepted the actress’s hand at the premiere, and François Truffaut wrote a one-page hymn to praise. This movie also became known in Hungary. Compared to this, he was not received here in Hungary with the attention he deserved, he complained about it many times, in several interviews.

According to Marie Turiek, Carousel photographer Barnabas Heiji told him one of the biggest compliments: But I look at the camera and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen this kind of eye in my life.

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Since then, she has become one of the most famous and beloved Hungarian actresses on the stage (she was a member of the National Theater for twenty years after college, to which she later returned) and in the cinema. He has won dozens of awards, performing by Julia, Cordelia, Elf, Natasha from War and Peace and Helga from Warsaw Melody. After the latter, those who had seen Maria Carrousel in her until then began to treat her as a serious theater actress. On in 2011, that’s how we talked about it He created me with the good spirit of God In an interview entitled:

I remember Henthe Hanna sitting there in the front row at the premiere, and whenever there was laughter, she always noticed her unforgettable chanting, “How beautiful is this Mary!” I thought I was going to drown on stage. It was a huge success and then somehow they accepted. Until then, two critics believed in me who liked Tamas Major so much: Peter Gal Molnar and Tamas Kultai. They are very biased with me today, they love me very much. You feel good.

She had a mouse from the cat play, Mama Corazi, Saint Johanna, The Old Woman in a Chicken Head, and recently, among other things, Bob Globsek in a comedic theater performance Passing by, for which she was also awarded.

He did nothing but move from stage to the left, slowly, with special dignity, and a smile on his face, and yet the most memorable moment remained in the performance.

Despite his great success on stage, he claimed that I would not be accepted into the performing arts today.

Listen, I’m not going to college today. Because you have to bring monologues into the recordings. Well the monologue is the very hard post-performance thing. Usually, I’ve played roles older than my age, and I played Julia for Major Tamas at the age of 36. You might have been able to play the balcony scene, I’m so proud. But I could never tell the toxic monologue well – and at the age of forty-two she woke up with me once and realized how it should have been said. There is no time for today – there is no time to learn the trade because it must be completed immediately.

Her other important movie, Déryné, Where is she? It was brought out by her husband, Giula Mar. That’s why she won the Best Female Performance award in Cannes for her acting role.

He also starred in the cult movies of the 1980s and 1990s, Whooping Cough, The Diary of My Father and Mom, and Tap Down Ass! , The Scorpio Eats the Twins for Breakfast, The Tour, or Section A.

I don’t even play lead roles today, but it’s very normal. My last big role was Long Twilight, when the movie was built on me. After fate spoiled me, I never understood that I didn’t have to, nor that I didn’t have to be the best. Thanks God “- He told Index about this in 2007.

In 2008, he became in a life-threatening condition, circulation collapsed, he fell into a coma, and returned from clinical death. He celebrated his 75th birthday in the hospital, but made a successful recovery. Pieter Molnar Gall, a color critic at the time, wrote in an article titled Marinal Turitschik: “An incredibly powerful theatrical cat in a fairy tale has nine lives.” He has said several times after his recovery that it was the love of the crowd and his family that brought him back to life. “We had a great and passionate love. I had four husbands, but it is no coincidence that Gyula Mar was the first person I wanted a child from. I also said there, in the hospital, when I woke up from clinical death: you, Giula Mar, my dear, that we will be able to Losing each other? After all, we belong together, we respect each other, we love each other humanly, we love the artist in the other … ”

After his death, as the 2008 crash called him, he took on the roles more cautiously. “It’s hard to use my right hand. I drive because I can catch up but I can’t write, it makes life difficult. On stage, it was hard for me to admit that I was not in control of my body. As Peter Molnar Gall wrote: It transferred the gesture system to His left hand. He said of the difficulty of returning, “I don’t want to talk about it any more because if someone sits in the auditorium, don’t deal with my hand.” But until the last moment, he was open to invitations, be it a junior role, or a young director , A beginner, an alternate, or a classic performance … he’s been searching for what has been in her the whole time.

Sometimes I ask myself if I can go on stage at that old age. Fortunately, the audience always reassures

– Said Martin Mesaros in his blog in 2012. In 2014 He also won the Nation Artist Award, Created by the Hungarian Academy of Arts Kossuth Prize Winning Artists over the age of 65. The title can wear 70 people at one time and doesn’t affect previous major awards, so it might have happened that Marie Turesic also held the titles of Representative of the Nation and Artist of the Nation at the same time.

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In 2015, she missed a show in POSZT due to her awareness: her play could have performed her trademark, but the actress fell ill due to the withdrawal of the drug and her doctor did not allow her to go onto the stage. He then stated that this piece was particularly close to his heart, and he did not miss rehearsals even when I broke his hand. Then, in the fall of 2015, news came that he was not feeling well: he also had to spend two weeks in the hospital due to his bleeding lungs.

Meanwhile, she also got a new movie role from Márta Mészáros: In Aurora Borealis about Hungarian women raped by the Soviets. He played a mother whose life changed forever when he fled the Communists to Vienna, but on the way he was raped by Soviet soldiers and had a baby. Decades later, her daughter is trying to figure out exactly how things happened.

The final scene from Mari Törőcsik is beautiful, as it not only sums up the entire movie, but rather an entire life, and a complete fate

We wrote about the 2017 movie. The role of the actress was praised by all critics. When the movie came out, Marie Taurišek was already in the hospital again. By the end of January 2018, he had to spend almost a year in Markusovszky Hospital in Szombathely. He also went to the intensive care unit, from the emergency department to internal medicine. On January 25, his doctors decided to let him go home. He was later hospitalized again, but he was already preparing for a new demonstration in the fall. News came in November that although she had returned to the stage in her performance titled The Life of Galileo at the National Theater, her doctors had not recommended the actress, who had been brought back for treatment in the meantime, to travel to Budapest.

On the occasion of the 150th birth anniversary of the University of Theater and Film Arts, iconic portraits of notable artists who have left the university have been taken.

She featured in her first such picture, Marie Turiek standing next to a carousel, alluding to the iconic cinematic role that defined her entire life.

In the summer of 2020, he said he was back in strength and ready to take on a role. Perhaps the current role will be the most difficult.

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