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Index – Culture – Miklós Kerényi: There is no exit that cannot be involved in the metoo . affair

Let’s start with the current topic: why not miss the Romeo and Juliet musical announced for September, which he was going to perform in the ring?

Due to the epidemic situation, the organizers postponed the show until spring due to the epidemic. I’m sorry that I already bought more than four thousand tickets.

He did not settle in Hungary for two years. It is working again now. When you think about your past, do you remember doing something different with your head today?

Of course, in my head today I would have done a lot of things differently, but then, I could only act with my head at the time, and think about situations back then – it could be wrong many times. In the past, it was very difficult to examine and get objective results about how true, true, and accurate the stories that emerged during metoo scandals were. Of course, it also occurred to me that I acted in the past, which does not correspond to the expectations and standards of today. I suffered badly from the consequences of such accusations, and I hardly survived. I retired and checked myself and tried to analyze what had happened.

What did you get?

I thought carefully about the expectations and requirements of the day in the various systems of relationships, and began to rebuild my professional and personal life accordingly. As for these, I have just received an invitation from two twenty-year-old actors to be sure to see them in the musical Fame, while three young men gladly invited me to thank them for the opportunity to perform in Romeo, and while King Jeans. We’re working on sets of tracks, and I’m getting ready for dinner tonight, with four young actors nominated and a director.

A word like a hundred has no central place in my life to commemorate, justify, or confront the events of four years ago that nearly took me to the morgue.

Instead of standoffs and flashing swords, the reboot is busy.

In your opinion, what triggered the “Kero scandal” four years ago?

Tough question. All too often I find fault with my actions here or there, for which I have publicly apologized several times, in several places.

In my personal opinion, I have not made a mistake so serious that it deserves such revenge. Moreover, it is not clear what actually happened. The story is more complicated.

The #metoo movement started all over the world, including Hungary, because society did not want to tolerate some kind of model of behavior and communication – especially in the relationship between boss and subordinate – as before. This process had many effects, both socially and legally, but in the process there was a great deal of personal sentiment, vindictive intent, and even prejudice, while the goal was undoubtedly to change a practice that was no longer acceptable.

So, what are you doing differently today?

I try to approach people in a more relaxed and agreeable way. I loved working with me because I throw special, exciting, and interesting things into rehearsal, which creates a powerful performance. That is still the case today, all that has changed is that I pay more attention to others now and try to achieve what I consider important in a more smiling and open manner.

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Does it work this way?

very well. The Sysync It was such a hit that the house in Városmajor was “smashed” and called up by the residents of Cluj again. Next year, we can show the piece in front of thirty thousand people.

Did you retire on your own for two years of Hungarian theater life after 2017, or did you have no other choice?

In this case, I felt that all I could do was resign from all my leadership positions and not take a job in Hungary for a while.

On the other hand, yes in Saint Petersburg.

I was in terrible shape. If my Russian friends, who respect and love, do not help, we may not be able to talk today. For now, my six lectures are going to St. Petersburg. Three musicals and three operas.

Did the #metoo scandal not reach that far?

After eight years of continuous work, they became well known. I was there until then, directing a very successful musical. There was no such thing. I can say that I am a very likable and respected co-worker. Seventy beautiful roses were sent on my birthday.

How does the local profession deal with the fact that it is back?

I haven’t been invited to stone theaters yet, but I am once again working with a group of my old colleagues, both operettas and musical stars. It turns out that a lot of people like it because I miss my job and my personality. I arranged merging Museket, A immigrant freedom a Equestrian Theater, a killer song The in the lobby, a Romeo and Juliet The in the yardThen the virus came. Meanwhile, she wrote,Romeo…the way to victory” My book which I dedicated to Book Week in Vorosmarti Square. Then came a file Sisi The operetta, recently it was The best of Kero performance, and at the end of it I was greeted with a huge cake afterwards for my 70th birthday. The team I’m working with now – Szilvó P. Szabó, Kata Janza, Máté Kerényi Miklós Péter, Dávid Pseh, Andrea Szulák, Tamás Veréb, Szabolcs Kádár, Zsuzsi Vágó, Enik Árosézárci, Mé and Peller Karcsi, Szendy Szilvi, Oszvald Marika – not the reserves of this species.

We also worked on the new performance of Romeo and Juliet in the best possible mood, surrounded by a lot of young people. Absolutely, I feel I have now achieved that the present is finally the center of my life again, of course, by having to take my past.

How do you see #metoo a movement?

Definitely useful and important! He explained that basic rules of behavior must be observed in relations between subordinates and superiors, and not only in the theater, but in all areas. That’s the point and point of the story, and it’s no small feat. Therefore, it is wrong for some to delve deeper into some of the issues that arise in the meantime.

Everyone had, there are moments that can be misunderstood and explained. When it happened to me, many of my fellow theater directors feared he would be next. Is it really reasonable that two people in total would be accused of such accusations throughout the life of Hungarian art? Laszlo Marton, Gabor Miklos Kereni’s Monsters, But Is Everyone an Angel? Peter Gutar and Eniki Ezini reached the goal three years later.

Don’t you think that’s why it’s important to clarify these things?

There is nothing in public to explain, as there is no justification. People need to clarify situations with each other. We got to what the movement was, it’s clear to everyone that we need to act differently today. Care must be taken to ensure that this is the case.

If you look at things, in November 2017, no one accused me of being unbearable. I worked with the same board members for fourteen years. Some of the actors rarely left us. I would like to show you a letter I received about my 70th birthday from my former assistants. There you go: Fourteen today’s director, assistant director, choreographer describes what it was like to work with me. They are the people I’ve worked with for seventeen years, in fact, there are people I still work with today. I didn’t fire my co-workers and the actors didn’t run away from me as a team.

In this writing, as I’ve read, almost everyone says Kiro is a tough guy, who chases and leads his co-workers, yet they loved working with you and would also be happy to work with you in the future.

Director András Aczél combined these views and said:

You are often an unbearable person, but we loved working with you.

Recently, Ganza Kata said in an interview that they had many bad quarrels, she was offended several times, but added that in the end they always managed to discuss problems. In fact, they still work together.

However, this was not highlighted in capital letters in the interview report. That’s right… One of the guys with probably the ugliest article against me at the time wrote to me on Facebook in 2019 that he owed me his theatrical development. I can display three more of these.

You say they discussed with the actors what they needed and if – I liked – did I forgive you?

We have transcended the past. In fact, there were only a few who made a statement about me anonymously for four years. We’ve met most of them since then and pretty much sorted things out. We discussed what might have caused the misunderstanding, and what, why and how it actually happened.

We told each other what we wanted to say, we apologized for what might have happened, and if we stick to the word, we forgive each other. They all said they were in a hysterical frenzy at the time of the scandal, and they never thought what they were saying could have such consequences.

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He was not indicted in an official investigation, as far as I know.

A public internal investigation into the operetta theater was launched in 2018, and at its conclusion it was announced in a statement that no case of harassment had been found in the home in years, no one had filed a complaint, and no evidence had been presented.

What do you think is the truth?

Everything that has arisen from me is true. People patted their backs more than average, hugged me more than average, more often I was more outspoken, I used ugly words more than once, and I said publicly relations with the Creator that I should not. I can admit these errors. But for others, I could have brought legitimate lawsuits.

Why didn’t you do it?

On the advice of my lawyer, I did not start much, after which I closed all these cases. They said if I could prove that he couldn’t prove it, I wouldn’t achieve anything with him, and doubt would float in the air forever. I get over it, and I realize there is hardly any evidence that I did or didn’t do anything. All that can be proven with certainty is that over the past four years, I have changed my way of life and working methods in line with the current expectations of society, and the results are clear.

How do you work today?

I am trying to convey an approach, to control private radiation, to the need to show extraordinary moments. For me, that makes the world interesting and exciting. My performance from Budapest to Cluj-Napoca to Saint Petersburg was successful not only because I know who will be shown on stage, but also because the actors who work with me usually put on increasingly interesting performances.

There is always friction in the theater. My style of work involves a lot of friction, but often leads to success. I’m trying really hard, sure, to make it all happen, but today I’m striving for it more smoothly, with less conflict, and more personal motivation. This is the secret.

What are your plans?

Monarchia Operetta is a fun, but at the same time thought-provoking, evening of singer-dancing based on the autobiographical works and stories of Emre Kalman. The headline that attracts attention is that 120 minutes around the earth. If all goes well, we will present next summer at Fertőrákos Pharmaceraly Business address, inventor of jeans, About the history of Levi Strauss The solo musical Klezmir, with music by Javouri Vigia, poems by Peter Muller Siamese, based on the play by Istvan Kalay and Gabor Kalay …

I can’t talk about details just yet, but it looks like Romeo and Juliet’s overseas career has been given another chance. Our performance can appear on an important stage in an important country, of course with the cast.

Will you have any stone plays?

Many theater directors are still considering this possibility.

Have you ever worked in an operetta?

I trust him, but I will take it upon myself – nothing else.

(Cover photo: Gábor Mikénys Kerényi. Photo: Patrícia Bodnár/Index)