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Index – Culture – More than 700,000 people saw Magka in a day and a half

Majka and Curtis’s new song, “Without Words,” presented by Peter Majorus was released on the day of the premiere. Index said. The rapper said the song was inspired by a pandemic, and while his mood is so depressing, what he’s saying carries with it hope that there is a way out of desperate situations as well. In the black and white short film, as well as Majka and Curtis, audiences can see Mónika Veres, who joined the production when it turned out that Zsuzsi Kollányi was expecting a baby again.

As one of the most prominent influencers in the country, Majorus has barely released the video, and the counter is starting to appear at an astonishing rate: the short film has now garnered over 700,000 views, and hundreds of their reviews have already written in the comments section.

This large number of views is also noteworthy because “Without Words” is the first official Majka-Curtis release that the rapper will release in March 2020. On your YouTube channel for the first time. It was posted on Magneoton last July The song “Beyond the Summit” Clip, which has since produced more than 12 million plays on its 587,000 subscriber front. By comparison, Majka’s YouTube channel has nearly 58,000 followers at the time of writing, but the short film looks set to garner a million views. Presumably the reason for the channel’s change of video sharing is because Majoros decided to take over sales of the music and it came from Magneoton. Rapper He was talking about it after that, When it comes to whether the audience expects them to record after the new song.

We have released a lot of songs since 2012, but we are not making albums. why? Whose? Twenty years later, we also came from Magneoton because we want to handle music sales on our own in the future. We don’t want a record, I think it will get Gold or Platinum in a week at 990 Ft, but I think this kind of industry has disappeared or is out like an analog phone. With that strength, I can also open a video library

He said in a previous interview.

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You can watch the latest song here:

(Cover photo: Curtis and Majka at the 26th VOLT Festival at the Lővér Campsite in Sopron on June 30, 2018. Photo: Péter Nyikos / MTI)