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Index – Culture – My name is not worth it: The world stars you have never heard of before

Dozens of actors changed their names because they were mocked, frightened, or simply unable to pronounce it.

Let’s see who they are!

Secondary Newton, a Westworld His British superstar recently reused the name with which he was born. He still runs with the English name Thandy on the series’ cast list, leaving aw, but now uses his original name, Zimbabwe. His father is English and his mother is from Zimbabwe. The full name of BAFTA Award winning actress is Melanie Thandewie Newton. In his first movie, Prof. Flörtben They wrote his name.

Aaron Paul Full name Aaron Paul Stortivant. In the determinations of roles, no one has dealt with the pronunciation of his surname of Anglo-Norman descent. The Full suction And so his star simply left.

Do you know who Peter Jane Hernandez is? Today Bruno Marsnack They call it a Grammy award-winning performer who simply doesn’t want to fit in with an endless stream of Latino singers.

Jennifer Aniston Real and full name Jennifer Lynn Anastasakis. The Good friends His star left his Greek name in the hope that he would land more jobs.

Lea Michele He also left his last name, Sarfati. The Glee Project His star said in a 2011 interview that he was already mocked at school for his Sephardic Jewish surname; She was called Fatty Leah, Leah Frati.

Helen Mirren She was born in 1945 and registered as Elena Lydia Mironov. His father was Russian and his mother was English. His father changed his surname in the early 1950s in the hope that it would be easier for him to find work and that his daughter would also face fewer obstacles throughout her life. Then he also referred us to Helen in English.

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Who could be maurice joseph miklewhite? There is no famous actor with this name, Michael Kane T. However, he is known to all. He wanted to get rid of his funny name, he didn’t know what to change. He sat in Leicester Square when he noticed the movie posters. Favorite hero Humphrey Bogart A. Mutiny against Battleship Kane He was the protagonist. At that time, he himself was a rebellious type, so he did not hesitate for a moment to change his name.

Alan Stuart Konigsberg Woody Allen real name. In the 1950s, many Jewish artists converted their names to English. He wanted to simplify his last name and neutralize the bias. According to his friends, his comic was called his unrequited love, Nancy Chrisman, and Woody.

Martin Sheen Ramon Antonio Girardo Estevez was born. However, he believed his name triggered prejudice. Martin was elected in honor of CBS Casting director Robert Dale Martin, and TV sponsor Fulton J. Sheen is considered a “brilliant actor”. Now she regrets giving up her family name, which offended her father so much. His son, Carlos Estevez was born, but now he is too Charlie Sheenik communicate.

a Jackie Chan Of course the artist’s name. Chan Kung Sang is his original name. In his twenties, he worked as a construction worker and waiter in Australia. His colleagues couldn’t pronounce his name and called him Little Jack. So Jackie became.

James Garner It was actually James Scott Bumgarner. “Boom” means a lot in the English language. Also. The Towards the unknown C. In the movie, Warner Studio changed its name without asking.

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Fred Esther And his sister, Adele, changed the surname of Austerlitz because she looked too strict. Austerlitz was one of Napoleon’s most memorable fights in 1805. It is rumored that one of their uncles was L’Astaire. The unprecedented dancer and actor was originally named Frederick Austerlitz.

He wrote that many people decided to change their names for personal reasons independent. Of course, the list is not exhaustive.

Nicolas Cage For example, he did not want to grow up in the shadow of his uncle, the director of The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola, and wanted to go his own path. His real name is Nicholas Kim Coppola. However, he still loves his family.

Eric Marlon Bishop started his career as a reserve-based businessman, but realizes that female artists are called in first. This is how he chose Jimmy who looks neutral. Redd Foxx was one of her favorite artists – although that’s just a nickname. This is how it finally became Jimmy Fox.

Natalie Portman Don’t be disturbed by his last name, Hirschlag. Luc Besson Leon, Brophy In his movie, he simply wanted to keep his privacy, and chose Portman’s nickname.

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