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Halan Pia is an amateur painter. This is how it was described, but it’s not good. All I have to say, without being restrictive, is that he is a painter. Because just as you can be an actor without a degree, we immediately have Eszter Csákányi or Judith from Pagan or Tamás Jordán or Péter Scherer, and we can continue the line, if not indefinitely, but for a long time.

It is also rooted in the talent for fine art that appears and manifests itself even without paper. Seeing the pictures of Halan Piya, I don’t even feel a lack of degree. However, I feel the will to evoke admiration, sensitivity, momentum, and some very powerful, indisputable, and indestructible feminine energy.

He is also said to be a painter of female energies primarily, and when we look at his vivid and often striking portraits, we see all manner of women, but something, strength, craft, determination, is immediately evident in all of them. There are no weary women, no mimosas, no mists among them.

There’s a singer, a loving and conscientiously independent bachelor, a radiant and forward-looking company leader and a wounded tragic.

A complete exclamation point. At least that’s how I see them.

These are very energetic and charming ladies with their identities, aware of their power, influence and feminine influence, but they are not shy about showing their weakness either. So not ladies, not even by chance. My favorite is the woman who wears a cyclamen hat, I will instantly put that anywhere. And the two sisters, to me at least, from one profile, from the other, may actually be the same woman, from my point of view. As it may be, all women are Halan Pia and kind of self-portrait. Or it certainly can’t be. Some even look like it.

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Anyway, each one is not only beautiful, but also a beautiful woman, you can watch the sun from a variety of. And it’s not even a work of art, with a drawn visor, tanning bed, and a suburban telescopic example that needs a crutch, a hoot crutch because he doesn’t dare be himself.

These are cultured women, with full armor of their spiritual strength and intellect, whose primary criterion is that they do not wish to conform to any higher ideal.

align with them.

Pictures of Pia Holan can be seen in the Prophet’s Gallery on Béla Bartok Street, but unfortunately only after four in the afternoon. The gallery owner’s response to this is that the dog is not interested in contemporary art in the morning or during the day. Of course, since it’s closed, that didn’t happen.

(Cover Image: Péter Papajcsik/Index)