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Index – Culture – Not yet opened, but already recognized

Time Out, a major international program magazine, has chosen House of Hungarian Music as one of the 22 Best Cultural Landmarks in the World to be achieved in 2022.

In Out magazine’s list of Best New Attractions in the World in 2022, the Hungarian House of Music took second place, including global cultural sensations such as New York’s Broadway Museum and Istanbul’s Museum of Modern Art. Taiwan Art Center and the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo with all the finds from the tomb of Tutankhamun.

a Stunning building of the Hungarian House of Music It was completed in December of this year and will open its doors to the public at the end of January 2022 as a start-up institution for music of unique complexity in the world.

Designed by star Japanese architect Su Fujimoto, the house is a distinctive architectural masterpiece: with its organically undulating structure, perforated roof and massive glass walls, it offers an unmistakable view, and it is no coincidence that

It is one of the most anticipated new buildings in the world.

Tucked away among the trees of City Park, it is in special harmony with its surroundings new establishment Through its diverse program offerings, it will offer a myriad of musical experiences to visitors from the beginning of next year. The House of Music is the site of the former dilapidated Hungexpo office buildings that were once here builtAnd around the new building, about 7,000 square meters of green space, which had been closed and neglected for decades, was renovated and once again became a free-access park area in City Park.

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Hungarian House of Musicsexy building This wasn’t the first time the international profession had noticed this, its realization has been the subject of great interest around the world since its inception: CNN and the World Architecture Community (WAC) have both declared it one of the most anticipated new buildings of 2021. The house has already been named the Best Public Building in Europe in 2019 at the prestigious London International Property Awards, one of the largest and widely recognized awards in the real estate field. And in 2020, it won the Grand Prize for Best Music Development in the World: Best Music-themed Property at the American Music Cities Awards.

(Cover Photo: Péter Papajcsik/Index)