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Index – Culture – Our brains exploded from Apple’s new science fiction series

Sci-fi fans haven’t been spoiled lately with regards to the series: Netflix has been hit hard Cowboy Bebop Addressing the direct representative – the original simply cannot be accessed. Right, HBO exists wolf children, which is weird due to its weirdness and old-fashioned science fiction, but we wouldn’t be able to recommend it to anyone either. Apple TV + does not deal well with this topic, as we find Isaac Asimov’s classics Enterprise The TV version of the online video library broke into the knife of the online video store Invade The titled space drama series has also become multi-layered.

Perhaps it is precisely because of the many disappointments that we have so much anticipated from the new Apple TV + revealed on February 18th, SeparationFrom (to cut). Production became available with Hungarian subtitles, and Ben Stiller recorded the first two episodes as a director, who is best known as an actor, although the 56-year-old star sits in the director’s chair from time to time, let’s just say Escape from Dannemora Think of a mini series.

The Separation In her first scene we see a woman with amnesia recovering in a terribly sterile room. An unknown voice asks you, introduce yourself, tell me what your name is. However, the lady does not know anything about herself. What the hell is this? We ask ourselves the question, and the answer arrives shortly: We are in the office building of Lumon Industries, within the walls of a company that employs its employees at a very interesting pace.

The series revolves around the intervention of the workers – with their consent – after which the consciousness of the brave entrepreneurs is divided. They are in the office building from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., as data is pulled back and forth, during which time they don’t remember who they are in the big world. And when they leave the building, they forget to work inside, they have no idea what they’re doing at Lumon Industries, they live their small lives like everyone else.

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Ready to win, right? Well, not much

The Apple series illustrates an interesting idea. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, there were people who were simply unable to separate their free time from work. Upon returning from the office, they worked overtime, even without pay. And the line between our “lives” was blurred by the fact that many people went to their offices at home due to Covid-19 and stayed there.

There is much more to the series of course. The protagonist, Mark (Adam Scott), for example, chose this job because of his personal tragedy because he still doesn’t focus on his alcoholism and grief, can forget both for a few hours. The cast is very strong, next to him we can see one of our favorite characters among the data processors, John Turturro, who is shown here to be good at drama. Patricia Arquette played the ruthless boss, but this time in a surprisingly tolerable way. In most chains about So far the actress has not been very popular.

The Separation So it’s a workplace drama with some sci-fi movie. However, since the characters’ personalities are divided and they are almost separate people in the company and in the private sector, it’s like watching two series at once.

And the mystery based on an exciting concept is the strongest draw in the series, which is why we stayed there for Part Two as well.

There are many big question marks, for example: What exactly do the people in Lumon Indsutries do? Does the company cover something, do you need special working conditions? Are others fleeing their personal tragedies, do they work here? Is Lomon really that big bastard as fired Betty (Yol Vasquez) claims?

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In the first two episodes, which were quite long, up close to 60 minutes, the story moves very slowly, but compared to that, it’s surprising how many things come out. Because of the mystery factor, we’ll be watching the entire season for sure, but the acting game series will be an experience, as well as world-building. Looks like the designer put them together very carefully Separation The universe and the system of rules. And photography is just the icing on the cake, it’s amazing cinematic. Both are technically very different, but recently in another Apple series, The Mosquito BeachWe saw similar and impressive cinematic work in . With the hat, whether it is for sterile offices or winter in the outside world, the photographers have excellently created a unit that also has a special effect on the visual world.

The first two parts, directed by Ben Stiller, are essential for those who love realistic, daring and imaginative science fiction. For us, our brains are blown off this streak and we can’t wait to continue. Give it to me!

The class appears in Hungarian on Apple TV+.