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Index – Culture – Protest, others ask: Eniko Ezini redirects

News has surged here and there about a possible rerun of Enikő Eszenyi, but next year’s officially announced season for Kecskemét Katona József will premiere in January 2022, The Circus Princess.

It is definitely directed by Enikő Eszenyi.

Earlier, information appeared – not from the theater, without details – regarding the Budapest stadium, but the director of Tamas Bank did not confirm the news to the index that Coming from Comedy Theatre Eszenyi will arrange with them.

We also visited Peter Czeki, director of the Josef Katona Theater in Kisskmet, and asked him questions that affect Hungarian theatrical life. They were hired, which has now been brought up by emerging young artists in social media – including Áron Molnár (noÁr), director Panni Néder or Tamás Lengyel, a former member of Comedy Theatre:

  • What is the reason for the return of Eniki Ezini,
  • whether your sentence has expired,
  • were you ever punished,
  • What if he returned to a managerial position where he could abuse his power?

We also asked the theater directors contacted by the Index whether Eszenyi was such a big name in the profession that it was inevitable from a theatrical and commercial standpoint, or simply that in Hungary it is impossible not to fail, or at most die, as with the famous former theater director Comedian, Laszlo Marton Happened.

Peter Czeke, director of the Kecskemét Katona József Theater, gave the following answer to our question. At the request of the manager, this will be sent unedited without change.

“At the Kecskemét National Theatre, we always and at all levels strive for artistic diversity. This applies to the management, the art custodian, as well as to the selection of plays or directors. The structure of our program reflects the wide range of interests of our viewers, we try to serve as many audiences as possible in each season, Through a spiritual and spiritual journey into everyday life.

We are pleased that next season we will host Lehov Kovacs from the Joseph Katuna Theater in the capital, Ilya Pokcharnikov from Russia, and we will present the musical Elizabeth directed by Szent Vajk, which promises to be a huge undertaking. After careful consideration, management discusses how to arrange each piece. The final decision, of course, is I, as a director, I am responsible for the operation of the theater, but there are excellent colleagues to help me. Enikő Eszenyi will stage a play for us next season, which is one of the Big Five theatrical productions. We offer thirteen shows in three stadiums. Enikő Eszenyi is a Kossuth Award-winning artist, actor and director, we respect his theatrical work, and expect from his ideas and vision that we will see a unique and interesting show at Kecskemét in January 2022. Incidentally, we also expect this from all the other directors.

We at Kecskemét Nation strongly condemn all forms of physical, verbal and power abuse, and do not tolerate it within our walls, we stand up for the rights of victims at all times. At the Joseph Katona National Theater in Kskemmet, we look at each other with professional and human respect, and this should be the case in other theaters in the country. along with

Hopefully, if the company goes beyond the harmonious training process and delivers an excellent performance for the circus princess in January, it will also be good for public life dealing with the Hungarian theater world. Perhaps we can reduce the prejudices it arouses, often due to unnecessary stress. Often the Kecskemét theater had a director who was previously questioned for one reason or another, then the audience received a great performance and the anxiety subsided. We have similar hopes now.”

László Magács, the TRIP vessel manager, also wants to hire Enikő Eszenyi, either with a new arrangement or with the performance he organized at Csenger with the spin-off company he founded. When asked, our newspaper said:

Enik touches anything in the theater, it is exciting and valuable. I personally have never had a bad experience with him in human terms, but of course I realize that everyone has the right to decide whether or not to work with him. However, I note that in the event of any stroke, I will immediately inform the person with whom I will not wait. I have not specifically invited him yet, but I wonder where his performance will go, what will be his fate, and I would like to welcome him to the TRIP performance as a guest.

When asked whether Eszeny’s employment would be commercially viable for the theatre, Magács said, it is clear that if he returns, there will be increased interest around him, which may generate commercial benefits, but he personally would not call it that, like everyone else, but because he believed in him and believed that he will succeed. Recently, there was also talk of a role written for Eszenyir, but this – for completely different reasons – failed. As for why the moral devastation only lasts for one year, Majak says that this may be due to the fact that Eszenyi is a theatrically unavoidable character, as well as to the fact that the criminals who went to prison – not like Eszenyi’s – may They were given that, too. To integrate into society by serving their sentence, why not do it with an artist.

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According to the index, Enikő Eszenyi is currently organizing in Slovakia, based on its past relationships.

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    Enikő Eszenyi should apologize to everyone she hurt, and then maybe she can come back.

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    Let Enikő Eszenyi play and guide, because she is missing from the profession, from the stage!

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    Do not stop, dozens of artists have spoken of a verbal and physical assault on his person, there is no such thing in theatrical life!

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    Enik should not direct Eszenyi, but why not play anywhere?

(Cover photo: Enikő Eszenyi in 2019. Photo: István Biró / MTI)