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Index – Culture – Radiohead: What a beating for them if they have self-expression?!

Flying music had a special era in the ’90s. At the time, there were a lot of bands mixing alternative sounds and ideas, including one of the biggest names, Radiohead. The band has been active for over 30 years and has a career left over by few performers. In November 2021, they released an extra long album in which their two albums, Kid A and Amnesiac, were mixed with plenty of previously unheard of recordings, into a special three-part release.

The re-released semi-original album was voted the best work in November by critics.

The album, titled KID A MNESIA, was accompanied by a special promotional campaign. As part of this, an “Exhibition” was created, which is actually a virtual field trip. Visitors can gain insight into the mix of visuals and audio from the previous two discs and more through Windows, Mac or Playstation interfaces.

There has always been a strong psychedelic form in the band’s music that has often wanted to have a pronounced effect on the senses. Among other things, the virtual gallery helps create this state, filling a void that often seemed endless. The distance between Radiohead’s unique music and a completely different audience.

I will not talk about the previous two records now, because they deserve a separate topic. In turn, the third part, which contains new material, is worth a block.

The theater, which begins with the usual grandeur of the band, fits so well with the previous two parts, it is no coincidence that they decided to get a place in a triple album. The Thom Yorke’s recurring headache fills in the blanks, enhancing the buoyancy of the music, with the help of a narrative songwriter who also delivers an interlude in a strange mixture of thoughts and feelings. Anyone who loves a similar mix of loose raves and psychedelic sounds will love the new content, too. Something is intentionally annoying, there’s no other purpose after the transition, there’s a song that specifically appeals to expansiveness, and there are more mainstream and more emotional parts based on pop sounds.

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There was a video announcing the album and a virtual walk with the album as well as clips for the new songs nominally. Follow me aroundbrings and that If you say the wordto. If the band keeps these two songs as an attraction and doesn’t provide visual material for more songs, then it can be suspected that these ideas are planned to be the center of attention.

It is worth noting that the old band hit fogAfter the extension – which somehow didn’t break out into the really mainstream, though the song is really cool – it was released again. Previously, there was an example of this and then that fog (again) Throw as it is now (how surprising) Fog – again version It works under the title. We were used to similarly simple decoding of the range before. They go to feel, why complicate things in the office? The song itself has been shortened and simplified compared to its original predecessor. The first version was slightly modified by Thom, so he paraphrased, then on string piano. The current version, the third is more poetry in the second version than the original. It’s so successful it’s probably my favorite of the recording, if I may say so. I feel like he has finally found his true form.

but not only fog He was jerk, Polk / pullAnother came from Pulk / Pull – True love awaits release Call. Like the previous approach, this is not an audience-friendly act, but an abstraction that is more expendable for those who aren’t moved in such music, and the idea is straightforward. They are twisted the same way morning bellen Also, who came out of it Morning bell (in the dark version). In this case, the opposite was true: here the original was the most understandable form, and the new is actually an automated copy of the same musical base on an expanded sensory scale.

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Overall, the novelty introduced along with the older songs fit right in with Radiohead and Kid A’s earlier albums as well as Amnesiac’s albums.

I’ve never phrased it this way before, but perhaps the band themselves (especially for these recordings) can be described as the first band to combine ASMR sounds with music. But since ASMR is so late, I’d rather say it could have been a milestone on the road to videos like this when the music comes out of Radiohead’s music. Among the goals of the band, the effect on the visceral senses, which they have tried to achieve with influences, usually with greater success, has always been prominent.

The gang has always been fueled by the most intimate feelings. For them, it was not the production of hit songs that mattered, but self-expression. Fortunately, this met the expectations of broadcasters and publishers at several points, so that they could reach a lot of people. Reviewing the wonderful album KID A MNESIA, I must say, the unanimous opinion of critics is understandable. The only question now is whether the public will experience it this way. We hope so!