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Index – Culture – Robert Alfoldi and Tamas Donnay became immortal too

Anyone who has not watched ATV’s Straight Talk live, but who follows famous performers on social media, may have once come across congratulatory posts. On the evening of Pentecost, actor and director Robert Alfoldi wrote in his letter:

Based on audience votes, Robert Alfoldi and Tamas Dunay are the new members of the Society of Immortals. Thank you to everyone who voted and congratulations to the new Khaled!

So we already know who took the award in the actor category, but let’s take a look at the full list:

  • In the Actors category, Robert Alfoldi and Tamas Dunay received the most votes.
  • Among the actresses, Erzsi Pásztor and Éva Vándor joined the Society of Immortals.
  • In the category of dancers, the list has been expanded with the names of Yvette Bozek and Gabor Mihaly.
  • Among the opera singers, Clara Colonitz, Bernadette Weidmann, was chosen as the immortal.

There will be new footprints on the corniche

The Society of Immortals was founded in 1996 by the creators of the weekly TV Cultural Week, Sándor Érdi and Katalin Szegvári, based on the idea of ​​a series of paintings. As in the past two years, this year’s heirs were chosen by ATV viewers from among the nominees selected by the Professional Board of Trustees.

The inherited members can be those who, after the professional committee, also believe by the public that they have done much for culture, the arts, and society through their talents and their calling for noble aims.

Originally, the audience awarded the award to ten artists. Currently, a Board of Trustees of famous artists and public figures nominate four artists in four categories, whose names will be placed on the ballot. Based on the votes of the spectators, the Society of Immortals will eventually expand with artists for each category.

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The footprints of the new heirs will be placed on the Corniche of the Immortals in front of the operetta theater on Nagymező Street in Budapest. The final imprints were initially formed from granite to suit the cladding, but were later converted to metal castings.

ATV pledged

In the absence of money or official support, no new members were announced between 1999 and 2003 and between 2010 and 2013. There were no financial resources to vote for the audience, nor to conduct the award ceremony. In 2013, Club Radio pledged to provide space for voting, an award ceremony, and photos of the winners. With their support, two degrees were completed (2013, 2015), followed by a break again. After a five-year hiatus, in 2020, the ATV is revived and pledged to conduct the voting, show the gig, and make and display traditional shoe footprints.

With Miklos Szinetar, Chair of the Board of Trustees, currently abroad, this year’s winners have been announced by Katalin Sigvari and Sandor Erdi, think tanks of the Society of Immortals. Sándor Érdi described the creation of the Society of the Immortals as follows:

In 1990, a lot changed, not only in politics, but also in cultural life. The light went to people who were outstanding artists. Once the system was changed, the programs that replaced the artistic productions were very exciting, but the politicians became the heroes instead of the artists who filled the screen until then. We waited for the story to settle, but then came the experts and then all kinds of civilians who expressed opinions from different walks of life and celebrities. Somehow the artists are no longer. After a while, we thought it wasn’t that good. Then Katie came to me.

From here, Katalin Sigvari continued the story, telling her that someone had thrown her the idea of ​​a program for drawing portraits called Eternal Members, on radio or TV, but they knew these programs would fly away and they’d rather start thinking about a scale-project. Then Gabor Georgi, artistic director of Hungarian TV at the time, nodded their idea. Thus the Society of Immortals was born.

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last year Actors Katie Lazar, Maria Tepoldi, Peter Rudolf and Laszlo Zaxvay, dance artists Johanna Podur and Zoltan Zsorowski, opera singers Maria Zemblini and Chapa Pedi-Vazikas became hereditary members.

(Cover image: Robert Oldy and Tamas Dunay. Photo: Zsolt Zih/Zoltán Balogh/MTI)