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Index – Culture – Sale Noemi: Hungarian cuisine will not conquer the world

Why would a French literary historian decide to research the history of cafés in Budapest? However, the life of Sally Noemi, who was born in Taban, is so diverse that it would be a miracle if her interest did not turn to the art of cooking. Of course, he has brought interest from home from the start, but the choice of subject is also explained by the fact that he has retired from the Hungarian Museum of Commerce and Hospitality.

He now considers himself the happiest and most “retired” in the world. Looking back on his years as a researcher, he tells the story of a very rich repository of Hungarian gastronomic history, full of anecdotes, from the number of lunches to feasts of fishing companies, not to mention the richness of material collections. And he says that, too

If we want to see a very real Hungarian kitchen, we have to go to a village in Great Plain, where the bird does not fly over, and we have to interrogate the grandmothers there.

On the Pierre Tasting podcast, Sally Noemi also talks about

  • Why is this the fate of small restaurants in Taban,
  • Whether ground red pepper is good for Hungarian cuisine,
  • Reflects on the current epidemiological situation, unprecedented in history,
  • When he wrote his first regular Hungarian cookbook,
  • And we learned that there were times when Ignotus announced a recipe contest,
  • And that Hungarian cuisine is actually a mixture, but that gives it its beauty.

Click the play button above and listen to the broadcast! And with old-fashioned podcasts, you can find out why you’re looking for a kitchen Eat the world, How do you look State participation In gastronomy and how it stands based on it Tooth Vera In the restaurant. And as a dessert You can watchHow he tastes with Pierre’s table guest, Marc Lacatos.

Pierre savors! gastropodcast is on the index with a new broadcast every week.

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The host is a gastroenterologist. What was said in the broadcast does not necessarily reflect the position of the index editor. We love exciting, smart, and argumentative conversation. We look forward to hearing from you.