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Index – Culture – Satan has beaten his wife for 45 years

08.20.2021. 09:00

Or a ceremonial meeting of a politician with the simple people.

Filmed in 1976, Veri the Devil’s Wife was the great satire of director Ferenc Andras, the August 20th story. The Kajtar family, who live on the northern shore of Lake Balaton, invite the chief and the family of their Pest relatives to spend the holiday together. The party clerk, introduced to the Puritan, arrives in the Balaton Uplands with his wife and daughter, Géza Vetró, in the hope that they can relax a bit in a quiet country setting. But they must be disappointed…

One of the screenwriters is Géza Bereményi, and if there’s anyone who hasn’t seen this movie yet – where the rustic farewell atmosphere of the 20th in contemporary August, the opening, the Danube water and air parade, the church mass and the fireworks display – it’s certainly worth making up for the omission.

The host exposes the hearts and souls of the railroad family so that the influential guest doesn’t miss a thing, all with the ulterior motive of trying to put together some protection from the encounter. The basic situation is really comical, in which the lifestyle and culture of the hosts and guests contrast sharply with each other, and this is the source of a lot of embarrassing situations.

The highlight of the day is the bountiful festive feast that evokes the late Kádár era, whose frames burn into the retina of the viewer for life. It’s also a show that tries to watch the great devour, especially of disgruntled comrade Vitro, who at the end of the day will already be running away with his driver and utility car and back to Budapest in relief.

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The film concludes with images of traditional festive fireworks.