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Index – Culture – Slovak historians ban Frosina Skrapski’s documentary

Documentary director and producer Fruzsina Skrabski reports on her community page that some Slovak historians want to ban the documentary film Genocide in the village of Bratislava. According to the entry, historians also wrote letters to the organizers of several film festivals, selecting the already completed film. In their opinion, the film is a “falsification of history.”

At first we were surprised that there was a festival where our film was in competition, then they wrote that we were out of competition. Elsewhere we have won the jackpot, such as Idovest, who wrote that Slovak “historians” (put them in parentheses) wrote to them that we were falsifying history. Fortunately, our prize has not been withdrawn from this yet

– Read his latest movie.

By the way, the film crew denied all the allegations, including the translation into English and Slovak. By the way, he told the producer’s reporters: If they have a problem with the film, write to him, discuss the concerns that arise,

Since you are a producer, you can only guarantee that the movie is based on real research results, but together you should know that each country has a different approach to history.

Previously, index I mentioned it Skrabski’s documentary Fruzsina Traumas from Here and Beyond is included The And thegas- t The NewsFest – Program of the True Stories International Film and Book Festival competition. The work has also been available on Indavideo since Tuesday.

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