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Index – Culture – Tamás Cseh also appeared from an ancient barn

05/08/2022 13:28

The PajtaKult team deals with the relationship between the built and natural environment, as well as culture. Their work, often enviable and always noteworthy, can also be followed up on the Index through the short films they have created on the subject. Index and PajtaKult’s second broadcast shows what culture is looking for in the fold in the spirit of sustainable slowdown.

In the second broadcast, host Dániel Mezei and Júlia Kubinyi, a PajtaKult ambassador, slowly, in telling old stories, explained what they’ve been doing for a year now.

In short: they search for architectural values, report on rural sites, and introduce valuable people and communities.

In the final part, they collected a selection of their films produced to date with the people interviewed who are good at music, gastronomy, sports or who live at home in special fields of architecture.

  • The They say that to us In the assembly, architect Zoltán Tóth, head basketball coach László Rátgéber, Sándor Dévényi, architect Sándor Kossuth and Miklós Ybl Nation Award-winning Tamás Bubnó, Liszt Prize-winning founder Sossent Efrámsuthir and award-winning rock musician speaking in the group, will speak.
  • Flashed some party recordings conveying the feel of a barn, and after my dinosaur dance, some unforgettable memories were also mentioned in bright side in the named block
  • They show that across our borders and beyond, in parts of Central Europe where the barns are very similar, community is still a powerful supporting force.
  • Thanks to István Márta, a cherished recording of Tamás Cseh from the era of the Kapolcs tournaments appeared with the participation of Géza Bereményi, who at that time still had a dreamy look.
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In the first part of the series Joseph Szarvas Award-winning actor Kossuth and founder of the Kaszás Attila Pajta Theater in Viszák talks about the festival in Viszák, which has flourished for fifteen years, the Tündérkert movement and the populist stand-up.

(Cover image: Julia Copigny. Photo: Peter Babajsek/Index)