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Index – Culture – The burial of Ivan Marko

Thursday, April 21 He passed away at the age of 75 Ivan Marco. The founder of the legendary dance artist and choreographer, Győr Ballet, fell ill a few days ago in his apartment in downtown Budapest, where he lived alone.

One of his close acquaintances tried to get into Ivan Marco’s apartment, and when the dancer did not open the door, they broke into the apartment, where Found lying on the ground motionless, dry and barely breathing artist Kossuth and award-winning Prima Primissima for whom ambulances were immediately called. Ivan Marco fought for his life at Janus Hospital for several days, and eventually his organization gave up on the fight.

Ivan Marko was buried to rest on Monday noon at the Jewish cemetery on Kuzma Street in Budapest, where Chief Rabbi Alfred Schöner and Chief Cantor Laszlo Ficke bid farewell to the artist – Report Blikk.

On Monday afternoon, the Gyr Ballet will hold a quiet celebration in honor of Ivan Marco at the main entrance to the Gyr National Theatre, which will be attended by current members of Gyr Ballet, the Gyr Ballet Company founded by Ivan Marco and posted on its official Facebook page.

Ivan Marko graduated from the State Ballet Institute in Budapest in 1967. He became a member of the Hungarian State Opera and in 1971 became a private dancer. From 1972 to 1979, the company of the famous French choreographer Maurice Béjart in Brussels, XX. He was a leading soloist in ballet in the 19th century.

He returned to his homeland in 1979 and formed the Jeor Ballet, its director until 1991. From 1985 he was the permanent choreographer for the Bayreuth Ceremonial Games. Until 1992 he was a ballet master and choreographer at the Rubin Academy in Jerusalem, and since 1993 he was a guest choreographer in Vienna, Paris and Sydney. He founded the Hungarian Ballet Festival in 1996.

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He was awarded the Worthy Artist Award in 1981, the Kossuth Prize in 1983, and the SZOT Prize in 1985. In 2005, he became a hereditary member of the Society of Immortals. The Order of the Middle Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary in 2007. This year he became an honorary citizen of his hometown, Balasagjarmat. In 2008, he was awarded the Prima Primissima Award.

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