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Index – Culture – The common man will become an action hero in the fastest-paced Amazon series

In my list of series I’m selecting more and more titles that are tried and tested at a good pace – however, there are productions that sometimes take a good few months, maybe years, to start watching. One of them was Tom Clancy Jack Ryanan Amazon special production, at the time of writing, two seasons of it with Hungarian subtitles are available on Prime Video, and two more seasons are on the way to the show.

The Jack Ryant is referred to in many places as the best movie series today, so I sat in the spirit that if counterattack You got to the level, you didn’t even go that badly. By comparison, the Carlton Cos and Graham Rowland series became a huge positive disappointment. It can roughly be described as homeland and the 24 Love the baby, which in itself is a good letter of recommendation, isn’t it?

The protagonist of the story, Jack Ryan, the man played by John Krasinski, appears at first glance to be a boring file-maker, a completely ordinary mortal. Ryan’s life takes a big turn when he gets a new president, in the person of James Greer (Wendell Pierce), and after some special procedures, it turns out that the CIA financial analyst may have found a big fish: a radical Islamist named Ali Suleiman, who has the ability.. to be The next Osama bin Laden will deal a similar blow to America as 911.

From here, an exciting, quirky, and competitive race begins: the goal is to stop the increasingly dangerous terrorists. This seems pretty typical of a series of actions so far…

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What is special about you Jack RyanWhich we fell into our stomachs before the series?

Well, most of all, it’s the character of John Krasinski, who turns out to be a Marine who’s been seen a lot – and there’s no question when it comes to some cruelty. If all that wasn’t enough, Jack Ryan is quite smart, so he tries to solve most situations not with muscle but with common sense. His style is restrained – the actor is inspired by the portrayal of Harrison Ford, an ancestor of Ryan who once hid in his skin – and he really is a regular person who sometimes gets badly injured during his adventures, not just physically, not just physically. In addition to heroism, a ground squirrel would understandably long for a normal life, so the daughter of his former boss, Cathy (Abby Cornish), is brazenly trying.

Ryan, of course, would be of no value if his surroundings were unexciting and keeping up with him. Fortunately, the dynamics are pretty good between the unbearable and bloated Greer and Ryan, as well as Cathy and Ryan. From the first minute, we immediately think that in the first case, hatred oscillates, while in the second, the air between the characters lights up.

The only icing on the cake is that the main villains also get to have meaningful details in the series, and they’re not just dealt with with the “Okay, Islamic terrorists, I’m done.”

The script is so twisted that sometimes even inside the episode, we picked it up with relief a few times yeah, so we have to do this for all similar productions and then one wouldn’t fall asleep within 60 minutes in most action movies. The Jack RyanRe, at least for the first season, might be worth considering as a reference point, because despite the fact that there’s sometimes a lot of office blabla, the overall conflict is captivating.

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In some places, Krasinski is as naughty as chuckIn Zachary Levi was a sage other than Carrie A homelandThen in a third scene as Jack Bauer… we saw the actor cheat for a long time the desk In his American version, here he then admits that his father-in-law is undressing Jim’s character. He did too, and we found a new favorite not only in person, but in the series as well. (8/10)

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Available in Hungarian with Amazon subtitles.