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Index – Culture – The heirs sold the Wesselényi Castle in Zsibó, and the local government is suing

The provincial government of Szilágy has not been able to exercise the right of pre-emption over the Wesselényi Castle in Zibo yet, because the heirs had previously sold the listed building, as announced by Róbert Szilágyi, deputy head of the local government and head of the committee set up to purchase the castle. He added that the municipality will legally seek to exercise the right of pre-emption.

Maszol is Tuesday In the assembly He writes that the castle was purchased by Micro Vision Consult Kft. , Registered in Cluj-Napoca, on April 20, more than a week before the Szilágy County Municipality decided to purchase it.

Ltd. Registered in January 2020. It deals with business advisors, last year its sales revenue was 108,349 lei (converted to 8.1 million HUF) paying 800,000 euros (about 288 million Ft) for the castle to the Artmark Historical Estate Kft. , Which runs the business.

According to the Cluj Napoca report, Robert Zelaghi also spoke about the fact that about four million lei (transferred to 284,800,000 ft) were allocated in the county council’s budget.

We cannot touch it because we have started an action. We are trying to find a legal solution to what is happening so that our right of preemption can be enforced

Political record.

Maszol also contacted the owner of the castle, András Janicskó, who, however, did not answer their questions. The Wesselényi Castle in Zsibó is known as one of the most beautiful Baroque buildings in Transylvania and one of Szilágyság’s most important cultural heritage.

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