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Index – Culture – The Holocaust Comedy Banned in an American School

The American School of Tennessee faculty can no longer teach Art Spiegelman about the Holocaust, Maus – A survivor’s novel (Moose – A survivor’s tale) An American writer with Polish parents writing in a comic about how his parents survived the Auschwitz extermination camp, the BBC writes. All this in one day International Day of Remembrance of the Holocaustbefore January 27.

The author, Art Spiegelman, is confused by the decision. Six million Jews were systematically exterminated in Nazi concentration camps, and Spiegelmann’s Polish parents also lost their lives in these camps.

In his hand-drawn work, which won several literary awards in 1992, the author depicts Jews with mice and Nazis with cats.

The majority of the school’s faculty felt that the appearance of ugly words and insults in the eighth grade curriculum was incorrect. Principal Lee Parkinson said hateful words and phrases are included in the comic book. Some council members also considered the depiction of nudity to be a concern for rats.

At first, the director felt that freeing Ugly Words from the business was enough to address the problem, but given copyright considerations, the board eventually opted for a complete ban.

The author told CNBC he was completely confused about the thing and considered the act to be Orwellian. And all that happened the day before World Holocaust Remembrance Day, all he said was:

I have met many young people who have learned from my work.

(Cover Photo: Art Spiegelmann January 10, 2022. Photo: Bertrand Langlois/AFP)

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