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Index – Culture – The Kapolux Festival, Veszprim and Giola will also be held in the summer

After an unfortunate absence last year, this year the Valley of Arts celebrates its 30th birthday with 1,500 programs and 30 places. Performs at the largest Hungarian arts festival in Kapolcs, Taliándörögd and Vigándpetend between July 23 and August 1

  • Hobo, and celebrate his seventy-fifth birthday again,
  • AZ Eric Sumo Band
  • Mrs. Rosa Magdy
  • Tape band
  • Kimbe
  • Laszlo Dis,
  • 30 AM,
  • Kornél’s evening
  • Balia Pia,
  • János Lackfi continues his improvisations with Kaláka, according to customs.

For the first time in festival history, there will be an opera show in the valley, and the public will be able to see Donizetti Love Potion’s production of the opera house from the Opera Truck in Vigándpetend. The festival will also work to reinforce the Green Line, with composters put to the test in the valley. You’ll have a separate yard for the popular Poket pocket books. This year, there will also be Valley 30 software package, within which a successful and memorable program of the past 30 years will be called.

Organizers for the index said they are more cautious about the budget this year, as people have also become more cautious – understandably – compared to previous years.

It is already possible to purchase a ten-day pass in advance, and its price increases in the range according to when it was purchased. This year, you can also buy a five-day season mobile pass, after which a three-day weekend pass (12,000 HUF) or a day pass (5,500 to 7,000 HUF, depending on pre-order).

There are fewer guesthouses available this year, and there are some vendors who unfortunately have collapsed due to the epidemic, so they will not be in the valley this year.

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There will be only one foreign artist at Veszprem

17-21 August this year. In addition to Tom Jones’ performance at the festival, Jazz + Aze is what you can take for granted.

The organizers of the premier five-day five-day music festival, which takes place in three venues, will announce the full program by May 1, which, along with Tom Jones, will present exclusively Hungarian artists as a special show for this year.

During the five days, participants can watch and hear eight concerts in three venues. The world-famous 80-year-old British pop singer will take to the stage on August 19 at Veszprém Arena, giving a hugely successful concert in 2017. In addition to the world’s most popular songs on his show, songs from his upcoming album will also be featured. On April 23.

At the festival’s other outdoor venue, Jesuit Temple Garden, the public can see three private classical music productions titled VeszprémFest Classic as part of the Cziffra100 celebration. With the series opening, on August 17, the most performing artist in VeszprémFest history will give a concert titled Erika Miklósa and János Balázs ZongOpera. On August 18, Béla Szakcsi Lakatos will perform on Paganini + alongside János Balázs and József Lendvay, and on August 19, actress and model pianist will perform the evening duo of Kátya Tompos and János Balázs Cziffra Café.

Giula: From the Menthol Hotel to the Proton Theater in Mondrochu

Gyula Castle Theater wanted to paint a very wide range on its program this year, from performances that draw audiences to serving theater experts. The six festivals, which run from June 25 to August 19, feature five performances, including three premieres.

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This time, the Shakespeare Festival is only organized with Hungarian companies, because they did not dare to invite foreigners. It will be Katuna Joseph Theater with Otello, Comedy Theater with Horse Knights and National Theater with Romeo and Juliet. There will be a contemporary dance theater adapting to Shakespeare again this year: Kulcsár Noémi Tellabor will take the storm on Castle Stage.

This year, Magda Szabo’s works will be the focus of a three-day series of Magda Szabó Days, including a National Theater show titled The Door, Dorottya Udvaros and Andrea Söptei. The Transylvanian Week Theater Festival is also organized, with the Hungarian-Hungarian Theater in Cluj-Napoca bring the roof, and the Hungarian State Theater of the Seki in Timisoara brings the tragedy of the man directed by Purčarete. These are three separate festivals within the event.

We cannot forget the biennial literary festival of humor, where 11-12 artists were invited to attend, including Laszlo Darvasi, Zoltan Igresi, Bella Fehr, Janus Hay, Laszlo Marton, Agnes Judith Kiss, Otto Kiss and Christina Toth.

A wide audience can watch the musicals at Lake Theater, Mátyás Sándor, Hotel Menthol, Gyöngyhaj girl, Hegedűs on the rooftop, or theater experts can watch Frankenstein’s plan for Broughton theater, or presentation.

(Cover photo: Concert at the Veszprém Festival on July 17, 2015. Photo: Boglárka Bodnár / MTI)