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Index – Culture – The Mountain Dweller is back, only Henry Cavill can survive in the end

This year he became 35-year-old Mountain Dweller, directed by Russell Mulcahy, and starring Christopher Lambert. It was rumored for years that the immortal story would come out again, but now the film that is being produced is starting to take shape, so the project approached investigation from it to theory. It’s not possible to know how many actors competed for the main role, but since there can only be one left in the end anyway, it’s enough to be aware of the news of the current actor who appears to have become Henry Cavill.

The Witcher star is currently working on season 2 of Vaják and also Netflix production sequel, Enola Holmes, but she took time to post on Insta that she shared Limit An article about the news. Of course, this is not an official confirmation yet, and also importantly, the actor is not hiding in the skin of Conor Macleod, but updating the story with a brand new character.

But Henry Cavill could be the perfect choice for the role in many ways, as Superman had already tasted immortality, and in the Vajas he had the opportunity to master the secrets of the art of swordplay. The director of the upcoming film became known as Chad Stahelsky for the John Wake films.

The action movie Hegylakó, which has since become a cult movie, was released in America in 1986 and was a hit in Hungary, although it only premiered in cinemas in Hungary in 1989, with subtitles and only on dubbing on VHS In 1991. The story was so well received by the audience that it received four more film sequels and a series in the order of Immortals.

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