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This version of Tonight’s Viola Bartok contest was inspired by the special Fibonacci series. If they feel a little confused now, they have no reason to apologize, as the Fibonacci Series is similar to the theory of relativity or quantum physics. Every person trying to make themselves educated does so as if they understand exactly what they are all about.

Of course, we will not claim to the world that this knowledge is unfounded, after all, the Da Vinci Code has been read (almost) or seen by everyone at least once, even if recognition of it is not a great virtue. The Fibonacci Series is a series of numbers that are found around the mysterious corpse as an elementary puzzle on the floor of the Louvre Museum, then Tom Hanks hacks into the ultra-secret, unbreakable Swiss safe to take out the machine that reveals Grail’s hideout. Is not this familiar?

Let’s see what Wikipedia writes about it: Fibonacci numbers are elements of one of the most famous second-degree recursive strings in mathematics. The zero element is 0, the first element is 1, and the additional elements are obtained as the sum of the previous two elements. Fibonacci numbers form an infinite ascending series; The first few elements of this, starting at zero, are 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34.

The whole thing is most interesting to us because the Fibonacci series is a kind of mathematical expression of the ideal proportions that artists in ancient times referred to as the golden ratio. For them, this was the ideal expressing the harmonious arrangement of nature, which many Greek sculptors followed through the masters of the Renaissance to the modern era privilege, such as Bella Bartok.

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