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Index – Culture – The Sunday guest at the Sunday Brunch is Sacher Gabor

2021.05.29. 19:01

Gabor Zakher expressed his appreciation in light of the podcast on Sunday morning’s Sunday Brunch chat. Get to know the doctor, who gives a country its word, as a special individual.

The guest of the podcast on Sunday, Sunday, May 30, will be Gabor Sacher, the country’s toxicologist, who will appear in the studio in a clear and candid style about Covid and the biggest challenge for the coming months, after Covid.

Calm down, there will be lighter and mundane topics too, but you had to know what you thought of the pandemic now. Once we’re done, we’ll find out what his favorite series is, why it’s so hard to play pigeon chess, and see if his culinary art is as much blade as his rhetoric is.

Stay with us Sunday morning at 11 am. See you on the index cover!

It is still there. If that wasn’t enough, listen to what others have to say. Previous Sunday Brunch podcast guests:

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